Jan 292008

This is going to be fun. It is no secret that John McCain and Mitt Romney despise one another. I hope they tear the Republican party apart at the seams.

Romney vows to carry on to Super Tuesday

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Republican Mitt Romney, his family and supporters vowed to carry his campaign into the vote-rich Super Tuesday contests next week after narrowly losing Florida’s primary to rival John McCain.

In his concession speech Tuesday night, Romney issued a call to arms to conservatives to support him, vowing to cut federal spending, end illegal immigration and teach children “that before they have babies, they should get married.”

Meanwhile in another galaxy…

NBC: Giuliani to endorse McCain

John McCain and Rudy Giuliani
John McCain and Rudy Giuliani

ORLANDO, Fla. – After a poor showing in Florida’s Republican primary, NBC News and the National Journal reported Tuesday night that Rudy Giuliani will endorse winner John McCain on Wednesday in California.

Speaking to supporters Tuesday night, Giuliani referred to his candidacy repeatedly in the past tense, as though it was over.

“We’ll stay involved and together we’ll make sure that we’ll do everything we can to hand our nation off to the next generation better than it was before,” he said.

A senior Giuliani official told NBC that he will endorse McCain on Wednesday in California, where Republicans are set to debate at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.

I honestly cannot remember when the last time was that I had this much fun. George W. Bush and Karl Rove destroyed the Republican party. We are just now beginning to see the fruits of their labors.

See also: “Rudy+John=Friends 4Ever.”

Jan 292008

Where is Lloyd Bentsen when you need him?

“Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

“You’re the one that was making the comparison, Senator.”

It is becoming more and more difficult for me to select a Democratic candidate to endorse. Both Clinton and Obama have said and done things with which I disagree. I can tell you this with 100% certainty, however — any of the Democratic candidates would be better for the future of America than any of the Republican candidates. Whoever becomes the Democratic nominee will have my full support.

Jan 292008

8:55 pm CT — 75% reporting, results holding. McCain, 36%; Romney 31%; Giuliani, 15%; Huckabee, 14%.

Though there were (officially) no delegates at stake in the Democratic primary, Hillary drew more votes in this allegedly “red” state than John McCain: 725,471 to 588,484. The excitement and the turnout continue to reside with the Democrats.

The winners in Florida:

John McCain and Hillary Clinton
John McCain and Hillary Clinton

8:36 pm CT — 67% reporting:

McCain – 531,503 – 36%
Romney – 468,196 – 32%
Giuliani – 223,102 – 15%
Huckabee – 197,541 – 13%

Hillary Clinton, as expected, won the most votes in the Democratic primary. She has made it quite clear that the rules apply to everybody but her.

John McCain
John McCain

8:11 pm CT — CNN, AP, CBS and NBC have all called it for McCain. Wingers are not happy.

Rumors are flying that Giuliani will be dropping out tomorrow and endorsing McCain. Winger heads will definitely explode.

8:08 pm CT — 51% reporting — McCain, 35%; Romney, 31%; Giuliani, 16%; Huckabee, 13%.

7:30 pm CT — With things settled on the Democratic side, we’ll focus on the Republicans…

35% reporting – McCain still leads Romney by a nose, 34% to 32%. Giuliani and Huckabee are bringing up the rear with 16% and 13% respectively.

7:08 pm CT — The polls are closed in Florida. The early returns are showing pretty much what was expected.

On the Democratic side, the only candidate to campaign in the state (though she promised she wouldn’t) is leading. With 22% of the precincts reporting, Hillary Clinton has 49% of the vote. Barack Obama follows with 29% and John Edwards has 14%. The major networks have already projected Clinton to be the winner. (Though with no delegates at stake, she wins nothing but bragging rights.) (See “Democrats shut out of Florida.”)

Things are a little tighter on the Republican side. John McCain leads right now with 34%. Mitt Romney is right behind him with 31%. Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee are fighting it out for third place with 16% and 14% respectively.

I think this is pretty much where things will end up. I don’t look for much change throughout the evening.

'Look at the time! I've got to get to Iowa and New Hampshire!'
'Look at the time! I've got to get to Iowa and New Hampshire!'

Jan 292008

Clinton Booked for Letterman Show

NEW YORK (AP) – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton will yuk it up on CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman,” a day before the Feb. 5 Super Tuesday contests.

Clinton will join Letterman on set before a studio audience in New York this coming Monday. She was last on the program Jan. 2, in a cameo appearance from Iowa.

It will be the former first lady’s ninth visit to the show. She first appeared in 1994 from the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, where she was interviewed by Letterman’s mother.

Letterman’s show has been a popular destination for the presidential hopefuls. Democrats Barack Obama and John Edwards have both appeared twice since entering the race – Obama as recently as last Thursday, where he read the nightly Top 10 list.

Hillary Clinton and David Letterman, August 30, 2007
Hillary Clinton and David Letterman, August 30, 2007