Jan 272008

I never watch Chris Wallace’s show on Fox (can’t stand him). In fact, I rarely watch Fox at all. But when I heard that Pastor Mike Huckabee was going to be Wallace’s show this morning, I knew I had to watch. I’ll admit that I smiled through the entire interview, especially this part:

The wingnuts dare to criticize the 9/11 “Truthers” (those who believe our government played a role in the attacks on September 11, 2001) when they have one of their spouting crap like this?

Give me a break. Methinks Pastor Mike may have watched one too many episodes of “Walker: Texas Ranger.”

Gosh, I hope the Republicans nominate this guy!

Jan 272008

Right wing Republicans hate a lot of people. In fact, they seem to hate most people. Hate is their specialty and they are proud of it. It seems, however, that they reserve an especially viral form of their hatred for Senator Ted Kennedy. You just watch, wingnut heads are going to explode over this:

Kennedy Plans to Back Obama Over Clinton

Ted Kennedy
Ted Kennedy

Senator Edward M. Kennedy intends to endorse the presidential candidacy of Senator Barack Obama during a rally on Monday in Washington, associates to both men confirmed, a decision that squarely pits one American political dynasty against another.

The expected endorsement, coming after Mr. Obama’s commanding victory over Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday, may give Mr. Obama further momentum in his campaign for the nomination.

As Mr. Obama flew here on Sunday, he smiled when asked by reporters about Mr. Kennedy’s plans, saying: “I’ve had ongoing conversations with Ted since I’ve got into this race.” He learned of Mr. Kennedy’s decision through a telephone call on Thursday, aides said, three days before the South Carolina primary.

Of all the endorsements in the Democratic Party, Mr. Kennedy’s is viewed as among the most influential. The Massachusetts senator had vowed to stay out of the presidential nominating fight, but as the contest expanded into a state-by-state fight — and given the tone of the race in the last week — associates said he was moved to announce his support for Mr. Obama.[..]

Mr. Kennedy, the latest in a string of senators to get behind Mr. Obama, is said by associates to be drawn to the Illinois senator because of his ability to motivate a new generation of Democrats.

I think the actions of the Clintons over the past week or two have swayed a lot of people in Mr. Obama’s direction. I have a lot of respect and admiration for President Bill Clinton, but if Hillary Clinton is half as brilliant as people say she is, she will send her husband home and reclaim her campaign as her own.