Jan 192008

John McCain
John McCain

The Republicans are holding their primary in South Carolina today. The Democrats will hold theirs next Saturday. The polls have been closed for almost an hour now and the first returns are trickling in…

7:56 pm ET — 5% reporting — McCain, 36%; Huckabee, 28%; Romney, 16%; Thompson, 13%; Paul, 4%, Giuliani, 3%. We probably won’t be talking much about Paul and Giuliani for the rest of the evening.

I read somewhere today, I believe on a right wing blog, that Fred Thompson (a.k.a. “Grandpa Fred”) said he is withdrawing if he does not finish at least third in South Carolina. I hope he keeps his promise (if indeed he did promise, and what reason could I possibly have to not believe something I read on a right wing blog?).

8:08 pm ET — 14% reporting — McCain, 35%; Huckabee, 30%; Thompson, 15%; Romney, 15%.

Things are tightening up a bit. Perhaps Grandpa Fred can stick around a little longer after all. Romney sure didn’t get much of a bounce from winning Nevada earlier today.

8:18 pm ET — 22% reporting — McCain, 36%; Huckabee, 28%; Thompson, 15%; Romney, 15%.

They’ll be calling it for McCain soon.

Whatever happened to the much anticipated youth vote? Exit polls are showing that only 10% of Republicans voting today were in the 18-29 age group.

8:32 pm ET — 36% reporting — McCain, 35%; Huckabee, 30%; Thompson and Romney still battling for third with 15% each.

Why don’t they call it for McCain so the old geezer can make his speech and go to bed?

8:42 pm ET — 48% reporting — Ladies and gentlemen, we have a race! (Though it is for third place.) McCain, 34%; Huckabee, 29%; Thompson, 16%; Romney, 15%. Giuliani is way back at 2%, behind Ron Paul (who is hanging on at 4%).

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee

Don’t count Pastor Mike out yet. He may yet produce a miracle tonight. He did pander quite a bit, remember? What with all that fried squirrel and telling them where people who don’t like their racist confederate flag can stick the flagpole and equating homosexuality with bestiality, etc., etc.

I am, however, predicting a McCain win and posting his picture at the top of this entry. (I’m thinking the South Carolinians kind of feel like they owe him after what they did to him in 2000.)

9:00 pm ET — 67% reporting — McCain, 34%; Huckabee, 29%; Thompson, 16%; Romney, 15%.

It’s going to be funny watching all the Thompsonites tomorrow as they spin this into some kind of victory.

Duncan Hunter
Duncan Hunter

Oh… Duncan Hunter has dropped out, in case anybody cares. He blames the media.

Hey, guys… McCain has won. Call it!

9:10 pm ET — 75% reporting — John McCain, 34%; Mike Huckabee, 29%; Fred Thompson, 16%; Mitt Romney, 15%.

How much longer are we going to drag this on, you ask? Dang good question.

9:23 pm ET — There appears to have been some problems with some of the voting machines and we are waiting for paper ballots to be sorted and counted. While we wait…

Thus far tonight there have been 364,865 ballots cast in tonight’s primary election. That works out to 14.6% of the registered voters in the state of South Carolina. (There is no registration by party.) It will be interesting to see how that compares to next week’s Democratic primary.

9:29 pm ET — We now have 88% of the precincts reporting. McCain, 33%; Huckabee, 30%; Thompson, 16%; Romney, 15%.

The networks are projecting that John McCain has won the South Carolina Republican primary.

The hugger has won! (Sure sucked the air out of Romney’s balloon, didn’t he?)

George W. Bush and John McCain
George W. Bush and John McCain

The end. (That was fun. Perhaps we’ll try it again next week for the Democrats.)

Jan 192008

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

All of the major networks have now projected Hillary Clinton to be the winner of the Democratic caucuses in Nevada. With 59% of the precincts reporting, she is leading Barack Obama 50% to 45%. John Edwards is a distant (barely visible) third with just 5% of the vote.

Mrs. Clinton’s demographic appears to have won the day for her. 59% of the Democratic voters were female and 68% were 45 years of age or over.

Update: 69% reporting: Clinton, 51%; Obama, 45%; Edwards, 4%.

Update 2: 85% reporting: results holding from previous update.

Update 3: via The New York Times:

State [Democratic] party officials said more than 107,000 Nevada voters attended the caucuses. It is the third state in the row to achieve record-setting turnout in the Democratic presidential nominating fight, which party strategists believe is a referendum on the Bush administration and a strong call for a new direction in Washington.

By way of comparison, 9,000 Nevada Democrats participated in the 2004 caucuses in that state.

I’m predicting a good year for the Democrats.

Jan 192008

Did you know that the Republicans were also caucusing in Nevada today. Well, it seems that they were and Mitt “Flipper” Romney has already been declared the winner…

Romney Wins Quiet Nevada Caucuses


Mitt Romney won Republican presidential caucuses in Nevada on Saturday while John McCain and Mike Huckabee dueled in a hard-fought South Carolina primary, a campaign doubleheader likely to winnow the crowded field of White House rivals…

Mormons gave Romney about half his votes. He is hoping to become the first member of his faith to win the White House. Alone among the Republican contenders, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas aired television ads in Nevada.

The first scattered returns showed Romney with more than 40 percent of the vote. Paul, McCain and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson were tightly bunched, far behind the leader.

The results for the Democratic caucuses will come later… you know, after everybody has a chance to, um, caucus.