Jan 182008

We are proud to present our collection of what we have deemed to be the best editorial and political cartoons of the week. There are 27 (27!) cartoons in the collection this week, so we’ve downsized the thumbnails a bit. Remember, all you need to do in order to view a cartoon in all its glory is click on it. You can even view a slide show if you wish… just pay attention to the commands that will appear at the bottom of your browser window. Enough yakking… on with the cartoons…

bagley011708.jpg  beattie011708.jpg  beeler011408.gif

benson011708.gif  combs011708.jpg  devericks011708.jpg

englehart011708.jpg  harville011508.jpg  harville011708.jpg

horsey011608.jpg  keefe011608.jpg  kirk011208.jpg

koterba011708.jpg  luckovich011708.gif  morin011807.jpg

paresh011408.jpg  parker011408.jpg  parker011708.jpg

plante011108.jpg  ppett011708.jpg  ramirez011508.jpg

sack011108.jpg  sack011708.jpg  sherffius011108.jpg

sherffius011708.jpg  summers011408.jpg  thompson011708.jpg

That’s it for this week. As always, our thanks to the talented and observant cartoonists who, each week, help us smile through the pain.

(P.S. I generally do not like to play favorites, but the first cartoon in this week’s collection has to be my favorite of the year so far. Priceless!)