Jan 172008

Republican presidential candidate Mitt “Flipper” Romney had a bit of a confrontation with Associated Press reporter Glen Johnson today …

I guess it all depends on what your definition of “running” is.

Republicans have a tendency to get real defensive when confronted with the truth. I don’t think Mr. Romney’s press secretary was one bit appreciative. Nor was that lady at the very end of the video: “I think you’re rude and ugly.” Obviously a Romney supporter, and a rather rude and intrusive one at that (though, I will admit, kind of funny).

Here’s the story that Mr. Johnson filed:

Romney Criticizes Rivals’ Lobbyists

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – Republican Mitt Romney said Thursday he could govern in the country’s best interest because “I don’t have lobbyists running my campaign,” although Washington insiders are on his senior staff and registered lobbyists are top advisers.

One of them, Ron Kaufman, chairman of Washington-based Dutko Worldwide, regularly sits across the aisle from Romney on his campaign plane, participates in debate strategy sessions and just last week accompanied Romney to a lunch in Myrtle Beach with Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.

Another adviser, former Rep. Vin Weber, R-Minn., is chairman of Romney’s policy committee. He also is chief executive officer of Clark & Weinstock, and his corporate biography says he “provides strategic advice to institutions with matters before the legislative and executive branches of the federal government.”

A third adviser, former Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri, who was at Romney’s victory party in Michigan on Tuesday, is co-chairman of Fleishman-Hillard Government Relations and also is a registered lobbyist, according to federal records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

“I think it’s time for Washington – Republican and Democrat – to have a leader who will fight to make sure we resolve the issues rather than continuously look for partisan opportunity for score-settling and for opportunities to link closer to lobbyists,” Romney said during a news conference…

The multimillionaire points to the more than $17 million in personal funds he has spent on the campaign and his public fundraising as proof he can govern free of Washington’s special influences.

“Somebody doesn’t put the kind of financial resources that I’ve put into this campaign, and the personal resources I’ve put into this campaign, in order to do favors for lobbyists,” Romney said. “I’m going to Washington to help the American people.”

It is because of his lack of Washington experience, however, that he surrounds himself with some of the capital city’s prominent Republican voices.

Besides Kaufman, who served as White House political director under President George H.W. Bush, Romney gets policy advice from Weber, Talent and Sally Canfield, once a top aide to former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Advice in targeting voters comes from Alex Gage and on polling from Jan van Lohuizen; both did similar tasks for President Bush. He also gets communications help from Barbara Comstock, a former Justice Department spokeswoman, and Matt Rhoades and Kevin Madden, veterans of the Republican National Committee and the office of former Rep. Tom DeLay, respectively.

Admakers Alex Castellanos, Stuart Stevens and Russ Schreifer all have worked for Bush…

Records filed with the Senate say that in 2007, Kaufman was personally listed as the lobbyist for New Balance Athletic Shoe, HNTB COS, American Pacific Corp. (APFC), Worcester Business Development Corp., County of Los Angeles, State of Utah, CNS Inc., Americans for Democracy, West Orem Group, Globalcast LLC, and Global Demandwidth.

The more these guys talk, the more difficult it is becoming for me to decide who I want the Republicans to nominate. As of right now, my first choice continues to be Mike Huckabee. Flipper Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain are all rapidly catching up with him. Having any one of them as the Republican nominee would mean a landslide victory for the Democratic nominee, whoever that turns out to be.

So, Republicans, nominate Fred Thompson. No, I mean Ron Paul. On second thought, make that Duncan Hunter.

I don’t know. It’s all so confusing! I guess any of them will do. Sheesh. Picking a loser is hard work, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, AP… Glen Johnson deserves a raise!

More right wing humor

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Jan 172008

Here’s another attempt at humor from the same folks who think Chris Muir’s “Day by Day” cartoons are funny…

Right wing humor
Right wing humor

Yep. Infidelity on bumper stickers and nudity in cartoon strips. Just hilarious.

Whatever happened to those much-touted family values?

Too bad somebody with this much wit wasn’t around in 2000. We could have had “Laura Bush’s Alcoholic and Drug-Addicted Husband for President” bumper stickers. Now that would really have been funny.

The Bush economy

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Jan 172008

One of Howard Dean’s favorite lines during the 2003/04 presidential primaries was “If you want to trust Washington with your money you had better elect Democrats because Republicans cannot handle money.”

They’re doing a heck of a job…

Recession fear sends Wall St. reeling…again

NEW YORK (Reuters) -Stocks fell on Thursday, with the benchmark S&P 500 plummeting to a 15-month low, as news of a plunge in regional factory activity and a hefty loss at Merrill Lynch further clouded an increasingly dire view of the economy…

The Dow Jones industrial average .DJI fell 306.95 points, or 2.46 percent, to close at 12,159.21, down more than 1,000 points since the beginning of 2008.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index .SPX was down 39.95 points, or 2.91 percent, at 1,333.25. The Nasdaq Composite Index .IXIC was down 47.69 points, or 1.99 percent, at 2,346.90.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the wingers were bragging that the Dow Jones industrial average had, for the first time in its history, hit the 14,000 mark (thanks to the leadership of George W. Bush and the Republicans). Since they were so eager to take the credit, are they now ready to accept the blame?

By the way, how’s that 401(k) of yours doing these days? Be sure to send a thank-you note to Mr. Hoover Bush and his enablers.

Update: Mr. Bush wants more tax cuts for the rich. Why not? Seems to have worked pretty well so far. (?)

Jan 172008

Dems’ Nevada caucuses can go as planned

LAS VEGAS – A federal judge has denied a challenge that would have blocked many workers on the Las Vegas Strip from participating in Nevada’s Democratic presidential caucuses. U.S. District Court Judge James Mahan said Thursday that he would not force the party to change its rules.

“We aren’t voting here, we’re caucusing,” he said. “That’s something that parties decide.”

“It’s up to the national party and the state party to promulgate these rules and enforce them,” the judge said.

The lawsuit brought by the state teachers union claimed that party rules allowing casino shift workers to caucus on Saturday in “at-large” precincts on the Las Vegas Strip – nine casinos – give too much power to them, and violates federal equal protection guarantees…

The rules were unanimously approved by the state Democratic party last March and ratified by the Democratic National Committee in August.

The Clintons were fine with the rules until the Culinary Workers Union, which represents nearly all of the workers in the casinos, endorsed Barack Obama. The lawsuit was filed just two days following that endorsement.

Here’s a video of an exchange Bill Clinton had with a reporter from the local ABC affiliate yesterday.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Bill Clinton looking quite so old. Aside from that, he made it quite clear which side of the lawsuit he and Hillary were supporting. You have to know that the lawsuit would never have been filed had the union endorsed Mrs. Clinton.

We do not need this type of hypocrisy in the Democratic party. There is more than enough in the Republican party to go around (and then some).