Jan 132008

CNN/Opinion Research Corp., The Washington Post/ABC News and The New York Times/CBS News all released new polls over the weekend. They all show John McCain now the favorite among Republican voters.

I’ll quote from The New York Times because I know how much you folks on the right love that particular publication…

McCain Rises in Fluid G.O.P.; Obama Gains on Electability

John McCain
John McCain

WASHINGTON — Republican voters have sharply altered their views of the party’s presidential candidates following the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, with Senator John McCain, once widely written off, now viewed more favorably than any of his major competitors, according to the latest nationwide New York Times/CBS News Poll…

Thirty-three percent of Republican primary voters in the poll named Mr. McCain, of Arizona, as their choice, up from 7 percent a month ago.

Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, whose favorability ratings jumped after he won in Iowa, was the choice of 18 percent of Republican primary voters. Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York, who is focusing his campaign on later contests, had the most precipitous fall; he was the choice of 10 percent of Republican voters, down from 22 percent last month. Support for other candidates was in single digits.

The poll also had worrisome signs for Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, who finished second in both Iowa and New Hampshire and is in a tough three-way battle in Michigan against Mr. McCain and Mr. Huckabee. Not only did support for him among Republican voters plummet over the past month, but he was also viewed much less favorably than a month ago…

The poll showed a more stable Democratic race. Among Democratic primary voters nationally, Mrs. [Hillary] Clinton, of New York, remains the favorite of 42 percent, compared with 27 percent backing Mr. [Barack] Obama, of Illinois — essentially unchanged since December. John Edwards of North Carolina remains in third place at 11 percent.

Have you ever seen such a fickle bunch as our Republicans these days? I wish they’d just hurry up and nominate Mike Huckabee and get it over with already. Why postpone the inevitable?

Jan 132008

“The Angel of the Lord told me in January of 1992 that Hillary Rodham Clinton and I would meet and be running against each other and that she would lose”.Albert Benjamin Howard, Republican candidate for President of the United States.

I gotta tell you, after watching the following video I am almost ready to switch my support from Pastor Mike Huckabee. This is just too cute…

“I know he’ll be the perfect president because he was chosen by God to be the president.”

Let’s see Pastor Mike top that! (Better yet, let’s see the Huckabee kids top that.)

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