Jan 082008

Was it the tears?

Clinton defeats Obama in N.H. primary
Resurgent McCain savors defeat of Romney, Huckabee

John McCain and Hillary Clinton
John McCain and Hillary Clinton

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won New Hampshire’s Democratic primary Tuesday night, pulling out a stunning victory over Sen. Barack Obama in a contest that she had been forecast to lose.

On the Republican side, Sen. John McCain defeated former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and climbed back into contention for their party’s presidential nomination.

Obama had beaten Clinton, who has been the national front-runner, in the Iowa caucuses last week, and he had appeared to be poised for victory in New Hampshire with tracking polls showing him surging into the lead.

But with 63 percent of Democrats precincts reporting Tuesday night, Clinton had 39 percent of the vote to 36 percent for Obama, who is seeking to become the nation’s first black president. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina trailed with 17 percent.

Polling place interviews showed that the female vote — which deserted the former first lady when she finished third in last week’s Iowa caucuses — was solidly in Clinton’s New Hampshire column.

The former first lady also was winning handily among registered Democrats. Obama led her by an even larger margin among independents…

Among the Republicans, McCain was handily ahead of Romney, 37 percent to 31 percent.

“I’m past the age when I can claim the noun ‘kid,’ no matter what adjective precedes it, but tonight we sure showed ’em what a comeback looks like,” McCain said in his victory speech.

“We celebrate one victory tonight and leave for Michigan to win another.”

The boisterous crowd responded, “Mac is back, Mac is back.”

After achieving early status last year as the front-runner , McCain had watched his lead disappear nationally and Rudy Giuliani and Romney pass him. In Iowa just last week, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won the Republican caucuses.

“When the pundits declared us finished, I told them I’m going to New Hampshire, where the voters don’t let you make their decision for them,” McCain said.


Hillary Clinton’s victory speech:

John McCain’s victory speech:

McCain part two; part three.

And, finally, the speech about which everybody seems to be talking:

Jan 082008

(Updates at bottom of this post.)

Estimates are that upwards of 500,000 New Hampshirites voted today. That’s about half the population of the little town in which we currently reside. Power to the few!

Obama, McCain Supporters Confident of Big Wins

The campaigns of front-running Sens. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) expressed growing confidence they would score major victories tonight in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary as large numbers of voters streamed to the polls.

State election officials predicted a record turnout of 500,000, as warm temperatures and extraordinary interest in the campaign appear to be driving voters to the polls. But independent voters, who were widely seen as the not-so-secret weapons of Obama and McCain, do not appear to make up any greater proportion of Granite State voters than they did in 2000, when both parties held contested presidential primaries, according to early exit polling.

As in last week’s Iowa caucuses, Democrats are citing “change” as the most important trait in selecting their candidate in today’s presidential primary, while Republicans are choosing leadership and personal qualities narrowly over specific issue stances when picking their candidate.

Unlike in Iowa, however, early exit polling suggests that the Democratic electorate is neither considerably younger nor populated with more first-time primary voters than it was four years ago.

Dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration runs strongly through both party primaries, a further symbol of the seeming changing nature of these elections. More than six in 10 Democrats pronounced themselves “angry” at President Bush’s policies while more than half of Republican described themselves as either dissatisfied or angry.

That’s amazing. More than half of the Republicans voting in New Hampshire described themselves as either dissatisfied or angry at George W. Bush’s policies and yet they are voting for John McCain, who clearly is neither…

George W. Bush and John McCain
George W. Bush and John McCain

John McCain and George W. Bush
John McCain and George W. Bush

John McCain hugs George W. Bush
John McCain hugs George W. Bush

Expect to see a lot of these pictures should Senator McCain win the Republican nomination (and as he traverses the country calling for “change”).

Update @ 7:17 CT: Seventeen minutes since the polls closed. CBS, NBC and CNN have all projected that John McCain has won the Republican primary in New Hampshire. They all have Mitt Romney coming in second and Mike Huckabee a distant third. It’s still too close to call on the Democratic side. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are fighting it out.

Update @ 7:40 CT: Hillary Clinton has jumped to an early lead in the Democratic primary. With 16% of precincts reporting, she is leading Barack Obama 40% to 36%.

Update @ 8:04 CT: Clinton continues to lead Obama with 29% of precincts reporting 40% to 36%.

Update @ 8:49 CT: With 51% of precincts reporting, Clinton continues to lead Obama. She has 53,127 votes (39%) to his 49,587 votes (37%). This is certainly not turning out to be the landslide victory that everyone had predicted for Barack Obama.

Jan 082008

It seems that MSNBC videos may now be embedded into weblogs. Let’s check it out, shall we? And what better place to begin than with Keith Olbermann talking about his most favorite idiot in the whole world, Bill O’Reilly, and his meltdown in Iowa a few days ago?

Did it work? Let’s see what happens when we add another one. Here’s Brian Williams spending some time with the man who looks poised to take it all: