Jan 032008

All of the major news outlets have declared Mike Huckabee the winner of tonight’s caucuses in Iowa. Here’s FOX:

Huckabee Declared Winner of Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses

Mike Huckabee was declared the winner of the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses Thursday night, less than an hour after voting began.

With 25 percent reporting, Huckabee had 35 percent, Mitt Romney had 24 percent and Fred Thompson had 14 percent. John McCain had 12 percent, according to the reporting.

ABC News included this little anecdote in their report:

As the returns began to trickle in, a spontaneous prayer circle broke out at the Des Moines Embassy Suites where Huckabee supporters are congregating. The group prayed for Huckabee’s victory as well as some of his more conservative views — including an end to abortion and homosexuality.

The Associated Press is reporting that Barack Obama has won the Democratic caucuses. He garnered 36% of the vote, with 30% each for Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. (ABC, CNN and NBC concur.)

Update from the Iowa Democratic Party: Barack Obama 37.53%; John Edwards 29.87%; Hillary Clinton 29.39%; Bill Richardson 2.11%. Joe Biden and Christopher Dodd each had less than 1%.

The results, it seems, were pretty much as predicted.

Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama
Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama

The citizens of tiny Iowa have had their moment in the sun. Now it’s on to even tinier New Hampshire for next Tuesday’s primary:

Poll: Neck-and-neck in New Hampshire

With six days to go until the New Hampshire primary, there are ties in poll results for the top candidates in both parties.

With roughly a quarter of those polled in both parties saying they won’t make up their mind until the election, both the Democratic and Republican presidential nomination races are up for grabs.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, whose campaign was languishing six months ago, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are now tied for first place, with each grabbing the support of 29 percent of likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters, the CNN/WMUR poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire found.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is at 12 percent with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at 10 percent. The remaining Republican White House hopefuls for the 2008 campaign are in single digits…

The Democratic race in New Hampshire has tightened up, too. Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York has a 4-point lead over Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, 34 percent to 30 percent, among likely Democratic primary voters. But if you take into account the survey’s sampling error of plus or minus 5 percentage points, it’s a statistical dead heat.

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards is at 17 percent in the poll, with the remaining Democratic presidential candidates in single digits.

Jan 032008

The right wing blogosphere is buzzing about this and wondering why nobody on the left has anything to say about it. They have already decided it was an “honor killing” and that the entire Muslim world must be condemned for it.

Lewisville High mourns deaths of two sisters

Amina and Sarah Said
Amina and Sarah Said

Lewisville High School students returned from winter break on Thursday to mourn the deaths of two classmates whose bodies were found in a taxi cab on New Year’s Day.

The bodies of Amina Yaser Said, 18, and Sarah Yaser Said, 17, were found in their father’s taxi cab in Irving on Tuesday evening. Both teens had died from multiple gunshot wounds. A capital murder arrest warrant has been issued for their father Yaser Abdel Said, 50, who remained at large.

Their deaths have shocked students and staff.

“That wasn’t a car accident, this was a violent crime,” that claimed the girls’ lives, said Dean Tackett, a spokesman for the Lewisville ISD. “It’s almost too much to handle.”

Yaser Abdel Said
Yaser Abdel Said

Amina, a senior, and Sarah, a junior, were both smart and well-liked, he said. The sisters were enrolled in Advanced Placement classes, involved with student government and played tennis and soccer, according to interviews with a school official and classmates…

Police provided no clues about the motive for the killings. “There are several things we’re looking into,” said Irving police Officer David Tull. He said there have been some “domestic issues” with the family, but he did not elaborate.

Police did say they are looking into the possibility that the father was upset with his daughters’ dating activities.

There… I said something. Happy?

A tragic story, to say the least. It may be a bit early, however, to be passing judgment. I especially do not believe that the extremist right wing of the Republican party has room to be passing judgment on anybody.

See also: “Friends: Murdered Teens Were Afraid Of Their Dad.”

And, as long as we are on the subject of hate crimes, “Racial hatred comes calling at family’s new home.”

Justice Clinton?

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Jan 032008

It should not be news to anybody that those in the rabid right wing of the Republican party hate and despise both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this rumor would surface (again) on the morning of the Iowa caucuses, in which Hillary is a candidate…

Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton?

Supreme Court
Supreme Court

WASHINGTON (CNN) — It is a title that would be sure to bring either fear or cheer to many Americans, depending on your political leanings: Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton.

That provocative possibility has long been whispered in legal and political circles ever since Sen. Hillary Clinton became a viable candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. Now a respected conservative law professor has openly predicted a future President Clinton would name her husband to the high court if a vacancy occurred.

Pepperdine Law School’s Douglas Kmiec said, “The former president would be intrigued by court service and many would cheer him on.”

The same article states the reasons, put forth by a “conservative” lawyer, that the former President would not be interested in the position…

But a conservative lawyer who argues regularly before the high court noted Chief Justice John Roberts is fully entrenched in his position, and that might be the only high court spot Clinton would want. He also might not enjoy the relative self-imposed anonymity the justices rely on to do their jobs free of political and public pressures.

“Court arguments are not televised, and most justices shy away from publicity as a matter of respect for the court’s integrity,” said this lawyer. “Could Justice Clinton follow their example?”

Bill Clinton enjoys being in the public eye too much. He likes being the center of attention. He could never adapt to the life of a Supreme Court Justice.

At the end of the article, we are given the reason for its existence…

The more immediate effect of such talk might be more practical: it could help motivate conservative voters in an election year to ensure no Clinton ever reaches the White House or the Supreme Court anytime soon.

The next occupant of the White House will likely determine the shape of the Supreme Court for decades to come. The right wing Republicans are going to pull out all stops in order to ensure that that occupant is not a Democrat, particularly since the odds are better than even that there will be a Democratic majority in the Senate (where Supreme Court Justices are confirmed).

A Democratic President and a Democratic Senate (and, most likely, also a Democratic House of Representatives) would make life a living hell for the right wingers. It would sure give their bloggers a lot to bitch write about, though (to say nothing of the likes of Limbaugh, O’Reilly, FOX News, et al.)