Nov 252007

You win in politics by telling the people what they want to hear. You need to be careful, however. There are, amazingly enough, still a few people in the United States who are able to distinguish between a pipe dream and reality.

Huckabee: America Enslaved to Saudi Oil

mike-huckabee.jpgWASHINGTON (AP) – Consumers are financing both sides in the war on terror because of the actions of U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said Sunday.

The former Arkansas governor made the comments following what he suggested was a muted response by the Bush administration to a Saudi court’s sentence of six months in jail and 200 lashes for a woman who was gang raped.

“The United States has been far too involved in sort of looking the other way, not only at the atrocities of human rights and violation of women,” Huckabee said on CNN’s “Late Edition.”

“Every time we put our credit card in the gas pump, we’re paying so that the Saudis get rich – filthy, obscenely rich, and that money then ends up going to funding madrassas,” schools “that train the terrorists,” said Huckabee. “America has allowed itself to become enslaved to Saudi oil. It’s absurd. It’s embarrassing.”

Huckabee said “I would make the United States energy independent within 10 years and tell the Saudis they can keep their oil just like they can keep their sand, that we won’t need either one of them.”

That’s a pretty big promise and ten years is not a very long time. Do you believe he could do it, or is this just another politician saying what he thinks we want to hear? Better yet, do you think he believes he could do it?

If indeed Mr. Huckabee does have a viable plan to pull off such an amazing feat, doesn’t he owe it to his country (as a patriot) to share that plan whether or not he is elected president?

Nov 252007

Indiana pioneer congresswoman: I have terminal cancer

julia_carson.jpgWASHINGTON (CNN) — Rep. Julia Carson, a former secretary who rose to become Indianapolis’ first African-American congresswoman, has announced she has terminal lung cancer, a newspaper reports.

The 69-year-old former City-County Council member and state senator told the Indianapolis Star on Saturday that she had been on a leave of absence since September to seek treatment and rehabilitation for a leg infection.

“Then the second shoe fell — heavily,” Carson told the paper in a brief written statement. “My doctor discovered lung cancer. It had gone into remission years before, but it was back with a terminal vengeance.”

Representing the Hoosier State’s 7th District since 1997, Carson opposed the Iraq war resolution in 2002 and worked to honor historic civil rights figure Rosa Parks. Fellow Democrats praised her as a bright personality who successfully fought against abuse of the welfare system.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with Representative Carson and her family.