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Jul 282007

Has anyone checked the veracity of this story? Are we absolutely certain that this so-called “judge” in Spain is not in reality an activist right wing judge in the United States? Is Fernando Ferrin Calamita really a nom de plume for Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas?

Judge orders lesbian mother to give
up daughters or find a male partner

MADRID – A judge has ordered a lesbian mother to hand over her two daughters to their father because, he said, her homosexuality would harm them and “raised the risk” that the girls would also become lesbians, press reports said on Monday.

Judge Fernando Ferrin Calamita, who heard the case at a court in the eastern region of Murcia, also said the woman could keep custody of the children if she found another male partner.

According to Ferrin, being raised by homosexual would not allow the children the right to the proper environment to which they were entitled.

“It is understood that (a parent’s) drug addiction, child abuse, prostitution, belonging to a satanic sect or heterosexual affair would negatively affect the children and serve as a reason for a change of custody,” he said. “Well, it’s the same with homosexuality.”

Ignorance and stupidity are not confined by the borders of the United States of America after all.

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  1. Coincidently i was watching this Law & Order Special Victims Unit episode that deals with the same issue. I think the whole world is consumed by the ignorance of this issue. clearly studies have mentioned otherwise.

  2. We live in such a sad world. Here in the UK we had a week of celebrating 67 years of freedom as homosexuals.
    But are we really free?
    I would love to adopt, but will never happen because the child will get abuse in school and people in general are only accepting homosexuals because they have to obey the law.

    But even myself I ve been subject to abuse back in my own country which was Romania and that is why I had to leave friends and familly behind 14 years ago.

    This story made me so sad. To take a child away from the rightfull parent gay or not is the sadest thing could happen.

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