See ya on the flip

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Dec 302006

Borrowing a caption from a right wing nut (which he used on a slightly different photo)…


“See you on the flip side, buddy.”

The rabid righties are definitely in full gloat mode this morning. The next time I hear one of them even mutter the term “pro-life” I am going to upchuck directly in his or her face. I swear I will.

Update: They are all passing this photo around and using it as masturbatory fodder…


(Click to enlarge if you feel the need.)

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  7 Responses to “See ya on the flip”

  1. Wishing you a wonderful New Year, best wishes, The Artist

  2. So when are they going to hang those other war criminals?

    George Bush, the butcher of Baghdad.
    Bill Clinton, the Butcher of Belgrade
    Tony Blair, the butcher of both.

  3. Don’t mistake gloating with satisfaction. I am satisfied that justice has been served. I think Saddam’s death is a good thing for the Iraqi’s. However, taking a life (even one as evil as Saddam’s) is not something that should be done lightly. A man has died for his crimes, and that deserves a certain amount of respect.

  4. Steve,

    Though I agree with you, I don’t see that ever happening. Too many people don’t equate what our leaders have done as crimes against humanity as Saddam has done.

  5. That Saddam’s death is “good for Iraqis” is the same faith-based bullshit theorizing that got us into this nightmare to begin with.

    It sure as hell doesn’t look to me like this idiotic move has done anything but what all of El Shrubbo’s (yes, you know the call was America’s, whatever lie is being told) other bullshit has done-started up a new cycle of violence.

    I don’t want El Shrubbo to hang, but he damn sure needs to be in the dock, answering for his murderous stupidity.

  6. For the record, there are those who on the right didn’t get their jollies off Saddam dying and were less-than-sold that executing his was necessary or moral.

  7. Ok, I’ll take the dare. “Pro-life.”

    I like to see serial murderers killed and babies’ lives protected. I guess I’m just funny that way.

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