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Aug 092006

From the current homepage of the website of the Republican National Committee:


Hilarious. And they claim the Democrats are hate mongers.

Can you name all the people in that picture? Do you know which one is not a Democrat or which one was a Republican before he became a Democrat?

Update: I did not notice this until someone brought it to my attention. What’s up with the Hitler mustache on Howard Dean? Surely the Republicans, who always accuse the Democrats of comparing them to Hitler, couldn’t be trying to compare Dr. Dean to Hitler? Surely not.

Update #2: They have removed the mustache. Here is the picture as now posted (4:20 PM CT on August 10, 2006):


Update #3: From our friends at Sadly, No!… turnabout is fair play:


The anti-war crowd

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Aug 092006

I wonder… Do rightie bloggers realize that when they talk about the anti-war crowd, they are talking about the majority of their fellow Americans?

Poll: 60 percent of Americans oppose Iraq war

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sixty percent of Americans oppose the U.S. war in Iraq, the highest number since polling on the subject began with the commencement of the war in March 2003, according to poll results and trends released Wednesday.

And a majority of poll respondents said they would support the withdrawal of at least some U.S. troops by the end of the year, according to results from the Opinion Research Corporation poll conducted last week on behalf of CNN. The corporation polled 1,047 adult Americans by telephone.

Many on the right are still operating under the mistaken assumption that they are part of the mainstream. Truth is, they are so far out of the mainstream that their big toes are not even getting wet.


(Click on image to view full size.)


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Aug 092006

All the rightie bloggers are jumping on this bandwagon of searching all the news agency photographs for any evidence of photoshopping. When they find one, they are calling it “fauxtography.”

It’s kind of funny, actually. They’re really stretching the envelope on some of their “discoveries.”

Just now I was cleaning out some old image files and I happened upon what may well be one of the first examples of fauxtography. It’s from Faux Fox News itself. Click on the image to view it full size…


This photograph was taken right after one of the presidential debates in 2004. Notice how in the Fox News version of the photo, George W. Bush some manages to grow about four inches? Notice also the change in the color of both their faces.

Fauxtography, from Faux News.

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Aug 092006

The Bush administration is doing a little CYA work this week. They realize that their days in power are numbered and they want to ensure that they aren’t going to end up behind bars when they are no longer in power. What better way to do that than to change the laws to make what you did no longer illegal?

War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat Of Prosecution

The Bush administration has drafted amendments to a war crimes law that would eliminate the risk of prosecution for political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel for humiliating or degrading war prisoners, according to U.S. officials and a copy of the amendments.

Officials say the amendments would alter a U.S. law passed in the mid-1990s that criminalized violations of the Geneva Conventions, a set of international treaties governing military conduct in wartime. The conventions generally bar the cruel, humiliating and degrading treatment of wartime prisoners without spelling out what all those terms mean.

The draft U.S. amendments to the War Crimes Act would narrow the scope of potential criminal prosecutions to 10 specific categories of illegal acts against detainees during a war, including torture, murder, rape and hostage-taking.

Left off the list would be what the Geneva Conventions refer to as “outrages upon [the] personal dignity” of a prisoner and deliberately humiliating acts — such as the forced nakedness, use of dog leashes and wearing of women’s underwear seen at the U.S.-run Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq — that fall short of torture.


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Loserman II

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Aug 092006

In most every election there is a winner and there is a loser. Yesterday in Connecticut the Democrats won and the Republicans lost. Their attempts to fix the Democratic primary in that state failed miserably, and they are quite upset about it. They must be, for their party chairman to come out with a statement as stupid, hateful and idiotic as this:

In Cleveland, Republican Party chairman Ken Mehlman seized on the results in the Connecticut primary to assail the Democrats on national security and called Lieberman’s defeat a “shame.”

“Joe Lieberman believed in a strong national defense, and for that, he was purged from his party. It is a sobering moment,” Ken Mehlman said.

The Republican National Committee chairman said Lieberman’s loss also is a “sign of what the Democratic Party has become in the 21st century. It reflects an unfortunate embrace of isolationism, defeatism and a blame America first attitude by national Democratic leaders at a time when retreating from the world is particularly dangerous.”

If that is the horse the Republicans are going to hitch their wagon to, they had better get used to losing elections. They’re going to be losing a lot of them in the next few months.

Don’t Republicans ever have anything positive to say? Why must they constantly be so dang negative? Everything to them is doom, doom, doom.

Meanwhile, DNC Chairman Howard Dean had this to say:

“In Connecticut, Democratic voters exercised their most fundamental right as Americans, choosing Ned Lamont as the Democratic nominee. We congratulate Mr. Lamont and look forward to working with him both to ensure his victory in November and as a United States Senator. Senator Joe Lieberman has served the people of Connecticut admirably for the last 18 years and always stood up for what he believed in. It was a hard fought campaign, and the Democratic voters of Connecticut have made their choice.”

Finally, something positive.

The Democratic voters of Connecticut have made their choice, though Joe Lieberman, much like his Republican friends, is having difficulty accepting that choice. He announced today that he will be staging an independent campaign. There is still time to contact Senator Lieberman and politely ask him to abide by the decision of the voters in his state. Nicely remind him that the Democratic Party supported him during his 18 years as a U.S. Senator (we even nominated him to be vice president once), and it is now his turn to support the Democratic Party.


George Stephanopoulos:

According to a close Lieberman adviser, the President’s political guru, Karl Rove, has reached out to the Lieberman camp with a message straight from the Oval Office: “The boss wants to help. Whatever we can do, we will do.”

Update: I think Christy Hardin Smith has the definitive blog entry this morning. Go, read.

Update #2: Also read “Lieberman Lost the Old-Fashioned Way.”

(linked to Beltway Traffic Jam)

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McKinney loses

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Aug 092006

I don’t believe anyone was really surprised by this, were they?

McKinney Loses Runoff for Georgia Seat

cynthia_mckinney.jpgDECATUR, Ga. (AP) – Cynthia McKinney, the fiery Georgia congresswoman known for her conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11 attacks and the scuffle she had earlier this year with a U.S. Capitol police officer, lost a runoff election Tuesday for her district’s Democratic nomination.

Attorney Hank Johnson, a former county commissioner, won the nomination with 59 percent of the vote, surpassing McKinney by more than 11,000 votes.

McKinney, her state’s first black congresswoman, has long been controversial. Her suggestion that the Bush administration had advance knowledge of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks helped galvanize opposition and she lost her seat in 2002, but won it again two years ago.

In her latest brouhaha in March, she struck a Capitol police officer who did not recognize her and tried to stop her from entering a House office building.

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Contact Joe

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Aug 092006

Joe Lieberman’s contact form is here.

Let him know that you have appreciated his service to the United States and the Democratic Party for the past 18 years and that you would appreciate it even more if he were to continue supporting the Democratic Party.

Ask him nicely to please consider supporting the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator from Connecticut.

Remember, be nice. He is still a Senator and he deserves our respect. He really has done a lot for us in the past for which we can and should be grateful.

Please send your message no matter what state you live in, but if you have any friends or family that live in Connecticut, please stress to them the importance of sending this message to Senator Lieberman. It will probably mean more to him coming from his own constituents.

Thank you.

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For Dean

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Aug 092006

I couldn’t retire this evening before posting something special for my friend Dean Esmay.

For you, Dean, from a “hateblogger” filled with “incoherent, spitting hatred…”


Click on the picture to view it full size. Enjoy!

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