Fictional assassination

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Aug 312006

Probably not in the best of taste…


Bush ‘assassinated’ in TV drama

A TV drama is to show US President George Bush becoming the victim of a fictional assassination.

Death of a President uses CGI effects and archive footage to portray the president being shot dead during an anti-war rally in Chicago in 2007.

The documentary-style 90-minute film uses the event to explore the effects of the War on Terror on the US.

It will get its world premiere at next month’s Toronto Film Festival before a screening on UK digital channel More4.

In the drama, Mr Bush is assassinated by a sniper after delivering a speech to business leaders.

He is confronted by a demonstration against the Iraq war when he arrives in the city and is shot as he leaves the venue.

The righties are screaming loudly. Many of them are blaming this on the Democratic Party. I think that’s going a bit far. This is a British production. I doubt very much that the Democratic Party had anything to do with it. If any of you right wing blowhards has any proof to the contrary, ante up. Otherwise, I think you’re just farting to see what it smells like.


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SLC Mayor speaks out

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Aug 312006

Yesterday, on the eve of George W. Bush’s visit to Salt Lake City, the mayor of that city delivered a strong speech at a rally protesting the visit and the policies of the Bush administration…

Transcript of Mayor Rocky Anderson’s speech

rocky-anderson.jpgA patriot is a person who loves his or her country.

Who among you loves your country so much that you have come here today to raise your voice out of deep concern for our nation – and for our world?

And who among you loves your country so much that you insist that our nation’s leaders tell us the truth?

Let’s hear it: “Give us the truth! Give us the truth! Give us the truth!”

Let no one deny we are patriots. We love our country, we hold dear the values upon which our nation was founded, and we are distressed at what our President, his administration, and our Congress are doing to, and in the name of, our great nation.

Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism.

A patriot does not tell people who are intensely concerned about their country to just sit down and be quiet; to refrain from speaking out in the name of politeness or for the sake of being a good host; to show slavish, blind obedience and deference to a dishonest, war-mongering, human-rights-violating president.

That is not a patriot. Rather, that person is a sycophant. That person is a member of a frightening culture of obedience – a culture where falling in line with authority is more important than choosing what is right, even if it is not easy, safe, or popular. And, I suspect, that person is afraid – afraid we are right, afraid of the truth (even to the point of denying it), afraid he or she has put in with an oppressive, inhumane, regime that does not respect the laws and traditions of our country, and that history will rank as the worst presidency our nation has ever had to endure.

Read the entire speech here. YouTube has a short video clip here.

I’m beginning to believe that yesterday was declared National Democratic Chutzpah Day and somebody neglected to send me the memo.

Update: Video of interview of Mayor Anderson on MSNBC in which he explains and defends his participation in the protest.

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Dean on Countdown

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Aug 312006

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean appeared on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” on MSNBC last evening. He talks about, among other things, Donald Rumsfeld’s ridiculous speech on Tuesday in which he compares critics of the Bush administration’s policies to Nazi sympathizers…

Also worth watching, if only because it has so many righties up in arms today, is Keith Olbermann’s own commentary on Mr. Rumsfeld’s remarks.

Order Keith Olbermann’s latest book here:

The Worst Person in the World: And 202 Strong Contenders
The Worst Person in the World: And 202 Strong Contenders

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One year ago…

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Aug 302006


Caption: “Before going on an helicopter tour of the New Orleans, Kenner, Metairie, Arabi, Slidell and Mandeville areas to assess the extent of Hurricane Katrina damage, Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, center, expresses her concern for the victims Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005, in Baton Rouge, La. Blanco is surrounded by, from left, Louisiana National Guard Major General Bennett Landreneau, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La, FEMA director Mike Brown and U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La. (AP Photo/Bill Feig, Pool)”


Caption: “President Bush plays a guitar presented to him by Country Singer Mark Wills, right, backstage following his visit to Naval Base Coronado, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005. Bush visited the base to deliver remarks on V-J Commemoration Day. (AP Photo/ABC News, Martha Raddatz)”

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Check your e-mail

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Aug 302006

Be sure to check your e-mail. You may no longer have a job.

RadioShack Lays Off Employees Via E-Mail

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) – RadioShack Corp. (RSH) followed through on its announced plans to cut about 400 jobs, but the electronics retailer has been forced on the defensive about its method of notifying laid-off employees by e-mail.

Employees at the Fort Worth headquarters received an e-mail Tuesday morning telling them they were being dismissed immediately.

“The work force reduction notification is currently in progress,” the notice stated. “Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated.”

I’ve been laid off before. Never by e-mail, though. Just part of the new world we live in, I guess.

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Aug 292006

Ahmadinejad challenges Bush to debate

TEHRAN (Reuters) – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday challenged President Bush to a televised debate and voiced defiance as a deadline neared for Iran to halt work the West fears is a step toward building nuclear bombs.

“Peaceful nuclear energy is the right of the Iranian nation … it wants to use it and no one can stop it,” he told a news conference.

The White House said Ahmadinejad’s call for a presidential debate on global concerns was a “diversion.”

The U.N. Security Council has given Iran until Thursday to suspend uranium enrichment — a process which can produce fuel for civilian reactors or explosive material for warheads — and has threatened to consider sanctions if it does so.

Iran has shown no sign it will halt uranium enrichment. The world’s fourth largest oil exporter has shrugged off the threat of sanctions and said such a move would simply push oil prices up to intolerable levels for industrialized economies.

ahmadinejad.jpg bush_001.jpg

The debate will never happen, of course, but it would be fun to watch. Who do you think would win? We’ll put the question in our poll for a day or two. The poll is in the column to the right.

It’s been a year

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Aug 292006


(Video by Donnie Brasco… “Photo compilation of the biggest natural disaster in the history of the United States. Lack of a quick response by our government cost the lives of thousands and broke the hearts of millions.”)

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Stuck on Stupid Award

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Aug 282006

I do not give out as many of these as I should or could, but every once in a while somebody writes something that literally screams for a Stuck on Stupid Award.

Today’s award will actually be shared by two people… Omri Ceren of Mere Rhetoric and Scott Johnson of Power Line.

Omri wins for this blog entry in which he attacks The New York Times for having the audacity to claim that FOX News employees Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig were released by the kidnappers in Gaza unharmed despite the fact that they were forced at gunpoint to “convert” to Islam. Omri maintains that this forced conversion did Centanni and Wiig irreparable harm and that the folks at the Times were “blistering idiots” for claiming that they were released without harm.

This looks to me like nothing more than a lame attempt at finding something… anything… for which to attack The New York Times, which, as we all know, is the newspaper that righties love to hate.

Does Mr. Ceren sincerely believe that Centanni and Wiig “converted” to Islam and will now become practitioners of that faith? Is not conversion a matter of the soul? Do you really convert to another religion simply by being forced to speak some words by someone holding a gun to your head? Are the god of Islam and the god of whatever religion these two men professed before this “act of conversion” going to recognize their conversions as valid?

Ceren writes:

Being forced to convert is a harm. It might be the oldest harm short of death – being forced to renounce your faith and your god. Millions of people – literally millions – have died rather than deign to utter words that would force them to give up their faith. No wonder liberal journalists are utterly baffled by fully half of the United States – they don’t think having to give up your religion is harmful.

A) Nobody converted; and 2) I seriously doubt that anybody gave up their faith. Ceren’s entire premise is flawed and his argument plain silly.

Centanni and Wiig were indeed released unharmed unless there are psychological issues which are yet to manifest.

Scott Johnson shares the award for linking to and agreeing with this idiocy.

Disaster waiting to happen

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Aug 282006

Paul at Wizbang maintains that New Orleans would have flooded with or without Katrina. The hurricane just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Whatever you may think of Paul’s theory (and an interesting one it is), the video to which he links is harrowing to watch…


New Orleans was (and is) a disaster waiting to happen. You really can’t fight Mother Nature.

Another video of Katrina… this one taken from inside the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi…

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Ernesto aims for Florida

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Aug 282006

Floridians Get Prepared As Ernesto Nears

MIAMI (AP) – Florida residents rushed to fill their prescriptions and stood in long lines for gasoline, food and other supplies Monday as officials warned people not to wait for Tropical Storm Ernesto to become a hurricane again before taking precautions.

Forecasters said Ernesto could grow back into a hurricane in the warm waters off Cuba and come ashore in South Florida as early as Tuesday night, exactly one year after Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf Coast.

It would be the first hurricane to hit the United States this year.