Sunday reading assignment

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Jul 222006

It’s still a tad early for Sunday’s reading assignment, but I’m going to bed so here it is…

by James Wolcott

The war crimes of the United States compound by the minute, the hour, the day. I predict that George Bush, upon leaving office, will be the most despised president in American history. He will have his core support, the clotted, stunted brains that collect at sites like and Powerline, but he will enjoy no Reaganesque orange sunset afterglow (or Nixonian self-rehabilitation), so deep, lasting, and tragic is the damage he’s done, a damage abetted by a craven, corrupt political class and a press that even now, as the full dimensions of the disaster unfold before us, is unable to sound alarm, so accustomed as they’ve become to their role as sponges and clever snots. History will not forgive Bush or the United States, nor should it, for raising and destroying the hopes of the Iraqi people, and presiding over the dissolution of their nation into a failed state.

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Former Mayor West dies

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Jul 222006

Former mayor at center of sex scandal dies

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The former mayor of Spokane, Washington, who was booted out of office last year after a sex scandal, died on Saturday of cancer, his family said in a statement released by a Seattle hospital.

James West, 55, died at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle with his family and pastor by his side, his family said, according to a medical center spokesman.

The Spokesman-Review, the Spokane newspaper that ran articles that led to West’s ouster, said on its Web site that West died after a three-year battle with colon cancer.

In December Spokane residents voted to recall the conservative politician following reports that he had offered city jobs to young men in hopes of having sex with them.

The former Boy Scout leader had been a prominent Republican political figure and leading state legislator until 2003, when he resigned to run for mayor of Washington’s second-largest city.

While a legislator, West had co-sponsored a bill that would have made it a crime for unmarried teenagers to have sex, and often opposed gay rights proposals.

The Spokesman-Review said West trawled gay Web sites, and the newspaper quoted three young men who said they had communicated over the Internet with West and had been offered city jobs or positions by him.

My condolences to the family, though I hold nothing but contempt for the man himself.

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Rudy in ’08

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Jul 222006

There has been a lot of talk and speculation about Rudy Giuliana running for president in 2008. It will never happen. He wouldn’t survive the primaries. The “religious” right would not allow it.

Here is the cover of the latest issue of National Review


I was going to save these for later, but since his cover has already been blown I figure what the hey…




I’ll be the first to admit it, though… his campaign would without doubt be fun!

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Hand in hand

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Jul 222006

Ignorance and hatred walk hand in hand. Proof of that statement is all around us and not difficult to find. For example, I read the following statement on a right wing weblog just this morning. I’ll not link to the source so as to not embarrass the author.

Given that it’s an election year, how long do you suppose the American liberals will cheer on their terrorist/Palestinian brethren before they have to turn around and pretend to give two shits for the Jews?

Ignorance and hatred walk hand in hand. Where you find one, the other is not far away.

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