Family values

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Mar 302006

Antonin Scalia gestures inside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Antonin Scalia gestures inside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross

Click on the image to read the story. Then recall that this is George W. Bush’s favorite Supreme Court justice.

It figures…

George W. Bush flashes finger at reporters
George W. Bush flashes finger at reporters

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Quote of the day

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Mar 292006

“Well, you know, that’s the problem in America, we’re always having elections.” – Senator John Cornyn, Republican, Texas

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Mar 282006

John McCain really wants to be president. He’ll kiss up to anybody

McCain named spring graduation speaker at Falwell’s Liberty

LYNCHBURG, Va. — U.S. Sen. John McCain will speak at Liberty University’s spring graduation ceremony.

McCain, an Arizona Republican considering a presidential run in 2008, will address the graduating class at the May 13 event, said the Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the private evangelical Christian school.

McCain, 69, labeled Falwell an “agent of intolerance” during his campaign against then-Gov. George W. Bush in the South Carolina and Virginia GOP primaries in 2000.

“Neither party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the right,” McCain said at the time. He lost to Bush in both states.

Falwell said McCain’s appearance at Liberty is a sign that the senator is wooing evangelical Christians, but it doesn’t necessarily signal a Falwell endorsement.

Remember this shameful scene?

Besides being a shameless sellout, the man is also old. If elected, he will be 72 when he begins his first term. He’ll be 80 when he finishes his second term. That’s pretty old.

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The benefit of the doubt

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Mar 252006

There are still a few among us who want to believe that George W. Bush and his cronies did what they did with good intentions. John Kelly has a word or two for those folks:

Which brings me to Iraq and President Bush. Let’s give the president and his advisors the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that everything they did and are doing–quickly moving the fight-against-terrorism battlefield from Afghanistan to Iraq, misunderstanding the WMD intelligence, not having an adequate post-invasion plan in place, authorizing interrogation methods that border on torture, instituting domestic eavesdropping–they did for the most honorable of reasons: to protect Americans. But the best of intentions can’t alter the reality. And the reality is that by any yardstick, they’ve made a total botch of the war. The plan was poorly conceived, poorly executed, and for three years Americans and Iraqis have been living, and dying, with the consequences.

Just as I’m sure Officer Bullock did not intend to kill Sal Culosi, so I’m sure President Bush didn’t intend to mire us in a tragic war. I feel sorry for him, just as I feel sorry for Bullock. So, what now? A censure at the hands of Congress? That probably won’t help much. An apology? That doesn’t seem very likely. I think the only thing we can hope for is that the American people, when given the chance, will not support those politicians who refuse to see that even if a crime wasn’t committed, an accident happened. Now it’s time for the punishment.

If you want to understand the reference to Officer Bullock and Sal Culosi, you’ll have to read his entire post.

If you have been reading this weblog for the past several years, as I know you have, you are well aware that I am not among those willing to give Mr. Bush and his fellow felons the benefit of the doubt. I believe they knowingly did what they did and went into it with eyes wide open. They all need to be tried, convicted and jailed for crimes committed against the United States of America.

Whichever side of the fence you happen to fall on, you need to make a pledge right now: You will not ever vote for a politician who refuses to admit that vital errors have been made in the “war against terror.” You could even carry it a step further and pledge to never vote for anybody who will not admit that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. That is my pledge.

Now it’s time for the punishment.

Heaven help us

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Mar 232006

An actual quote from an actual radical right-wing blogger (who shall remain unlinked, but, if you’ve read some of my past posts, should not be difficult to guess):

President Bush keeps beating his opponents because he’s the wiser man – the man more in touch with the truth, with American ideals – and with that inner courage which is necessary for any person in leadership.

The very fact that there are still a few people in this country who actually believe that crap is downright frightening. That there could be people that ignorant, that naive, that uninformed in this “age of enlightenment” scares me. It should scare you, too.

Obviously there are people out there who have been left behind. We must help them in whatever ways we can.

Left Behind
Left Behind

Ignorance is not bliss

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Mar 182006

First, he pulls “some of my best friends are gay” out of his butt, then he claims he is not homophobic but he does believe 100% in the teachings of the Catholic church concerning homosexuals. Mark Noonan, my favorite radical right wing idiot, is a hypocrite.

Leonard Pitts Jr. pretty much nailed it in a column published in the Miami Herald about a week ago…

Put simply, I’ve had it up to here with the moral hypocrisy and intellectual constipation of Bible literalists.

By which I mean people like you, who dress their homophobia up in Scripture, insisting with sanctimonious sincerity that it’s not homophobia at all, but just a pious determination to live according to what the Bible says.

And never mind that the Bible also says it is ”disgraceful” for a woman to speak out in church (1 Corinthians 14:34-36) and that if she has any questions, she should wait till she gets home and ask her husband. Never mind that the Bible says the penalty for going to work on Sunday (Exodus 35:1-3) is death. Never mind that the Bible says the man who rapes a virgin should buy her from her father (Deuteronomy 22:28-29) and marry her.

I’m going to speculate that you don’t observe or support those commands. Which says to me that yours is a literalism of convenience, a literalism that is literal only so long as it allows you to condemn what you’d be condemning anyway and takes no skin off your personal backside.

As such, your claim that God sanctions your homophobia is the moral equivalent of Flip Wilson’s old claim that the devil made him do it.

You resemble many of your and my co-religionists, whose faith so often expresses itself in an obsessive focus on one or two hot-button issues — and seemingly nowhere else.

They’re so panicked at the thought that somebody accidentally might treat gay people like people. They run around Chicken Little-like, screaming, ‘Th’ homosex’shals is comin’! Th’ homosex’shals is comin’!” Meantime, people are ignorant in Appalachia, strung out in Miami, starving in Niger, sex slaves in India, mass-murdered in Darfur. Where is the Christian outrage about that?

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Do you believe?

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Mar 172006

Ben Stein (of “Win Ben Stein’s Money” fame) (I think he was also a speech writer for Richard Nixon) writes:

The brave guy in Hollywood will be the one who says that this is a fabulously great country where we treat gays, blacks, and everyone else as equal. The courageous writer in Hollywood will be the one who says the oil companies do their best in a very hostile world to bring us energy cheaply and efficiently and with a minimum of corruption. The producer who really has guts will be the one who says that Wall Street, despite its flaws, has done the best job of democratizing wealth ever in the history of mankind.

Question: Do you believe as Ben Stein believes? Do you really believe that gays, blacks and everyone else are treated as equal in the United States of America? Do you believe that the oil companies, most of which recorded record profits last year, are really doing their best to bring us energy cheaply and efficiently? Do you believe that Wall Street has done the best job of democratizing wealth?

Well, do you?

I really want to ask “Are you truthfully that simple-minded?” But I won’t ask that.

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Boston Legal US Liberty

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Mar 172006

As I was watching Boston Legal this past Tuesday evening, I thought to myself “I hope everybody in the country is watching this!”

Were you?

If not, you still have an opportunity to watch a very important segment of that evening’s program. Turn on your speakers and click here. Click even you happened to watch the program. It won’t hurt you to see this segment again.

(Hat tip: AMERICAblog)

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$30,000 in debt

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Mar 162006

Senate Votes to Raise Debt Limit

The Senate voted Thursday to allow the national debt to swell to nearly $9 trillion, preventing a first-ever default on U.S. Treasury notes.

The bill passed by a 52-48 vote. The increase to $9 trillion represents about $30,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. The bill now goes to President Bush for his signature.

Good thing the “conservatives” are in charge, huh?

P.S. Peggy Noonan, Mark Noonan‘s mommy, says that had she known then what she knows now she would not have voted for The Doofus. I wonder how much longer it is going to take Mark to repent.

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