Honoring our troops

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Oct 312005

There is a teaser running for tomorrow evening’s Boston Legal in which Alan Shore (James Spader) says something like “We need to start honoring our troops by giving a damn when they die.”

I agree.

Seven U.S. troops killed in Iraq violence

BASRA, Iraq – Seven U.S. troops were killed by bombs near Baghdad, the military said Monday, making October the bloodiest month for Americans in Iraq since January. U.S. jets struck insurgent targets near the Syrian border and at least six people were killed.

Four soldiers from the Army’s Task Force Baghdad soldiers died Monday when their patrol struck a roadside bomb in Youssifiyah, 12 miles south of Baghdad in an area known as the “triangle of death.”

Two other soldiers from the 29th Brigade Combat Team were also killed in a bombing Monday near Balad, 50 miles north of Baghdad. The U.S. military also said a Marine was killed Sunday near Amiriyah, 25 miles west of Baghdad.

A week after the U.S. death toll since the March 2003 invasion passed the 2,000 mark, it rose to at least 2,026 with the attacks; they brought to 93 the number of Americans to die in October, the highest since 107 died in January.

They are becoming just numbers. It’s easier when you think of them as just numbers. It gets kind of personal when you put names to them.

Look at young Phil Alito in the photo in the entry prior to this. He looks to be about the age of some of those “numbers.”

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Another Oops

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Oct 312005

From the White House that can do no right:

Alito family
Alito family

1) Note the caption. Somehow I do not believe that is wife Martha in the center and son Phil on the right.

2) Who is that handsome fellow in the portrait on the wall behind them?

Happy Halloween!

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Oct 312005

Here.. have some Halloween Condi…

Halloween Condi
Halloween Condi

Be safe out there!

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Bush caves to right

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Oct 312005

Bush Selects Alito for Supreme Court

President Bush today named appeals court Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. to the U.S. Supreme Court. Alito, 55, serves on the Philadelphia-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, where his record on abortion rights and church-state issues has been widely applauded by conservatives and criticized by liberals.

With no sign of irony, Republicans demanded that Alito get a vote in the Senate – something they denied Miers.

“Let’s give Judge Alito a fair up or down vote, not left or right,” said Sen. John Thune of South Dakota. It was a challenge to Democrats, but it was Republicans who sank Miers’ nomination without either a hearing or a vote. [AP]

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Not gonna happen

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Oct 302005

Bush, Cheney Urged to Apologize for Aides

WASHINGTON (AP) – Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said Sunday that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should apologize for the actions of their aides in the CIA leak case.

Reid, D-Nev., also said Bush should pledge not to pardon any aides convicted as a result of the investigation into the disclosure of CIA officer Valerie Plame’s identity.

“There has not been an apology to the American people for this obvious problem in the White House,” Reid said. He said Bush and Cheney “should come clean with the American public.”

Reid added, “This has gotten way out of hand, and the American people deserve better than this.”

While I definitely agree with Senator Reid that the Bush Administration owes the American people one HUGE apology for all the damage they have done, I really can’t see it happening. This is the administration, remember, that does no wrong and makes no mistakes. Even while one of their top people is under indictment for obstruction of justice and perjury, they still maintain that nothing wrong was done.

It is a truly amazing thing to witness.

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More liberal media

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Oct 282005

I think I love Reuters. Here are the two lead stories on their website right now…

Top Cheney aide indicted in leak probe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In a damaging blow to a beleaguered White House, Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, Lewis Libby, was indicted on Friday for obstructing justice, perjury and lying after a two-year investigation into the leak of a covert CIA operative’s identity.

Libby indictment piles bad news on White House

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The indictment of Vice President Dick Cheney’s top aide on Friday capped a miserable streak of bad news for the White House and left a staggered President George W. Bush searching for a way to turn around his political fortunes.

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Libby indicted, resigns

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Oct 282005

Cheney Adviser Resigns After Indictment

WASHINGTON (AP) – Vice presidential adviser I. Lewis “Scooter’ Libby Jr. resigned Friday after being charged with obstruction of justice, perjury and making a false statement in the CIA leak investigation, a politically charged case that could throw a spotlight on President Bush’s push to war.

Karl Rove, Bush’s closest adviser, escaped indictment Friday but remained under investigation, his legal status a looming political problem for the White House.

The indictment charged Libby, 55, with one count of obstruction of justice, two of perjury and two false statement counts. If convicted on all five, he could face as much as 30 years in prison and $1.25 million in fines.

I wonder if he was stripped of his credentials and escorted from the West Wing like Toby Ziegler? (The difference being, of course, that Toby had the balls to confess. Scooter just lied his ass off.)

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Up or down

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Oct 272005

One cannot help but wonder why Harriet Miers did not get the up or down vote in the Senate that, according to all these people, all presidential nominees deserve…

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

“They have gotten away with obstructing by exploiting the filibuster and denying Justice Owen a direct vote. Now, unfortunately, we must take action to ensure President Bush’s nominees are getting the up-or-down vote they deserve.” (4/21/05 statement)

Sen. Orrin Hatch

“…I think we should bind both Democrats and Republicans that presidential nominees for the judiciary deserve an up-and-down vote once they reach the floor…” (Orrin Hatch discusses debate in Senate…, NPR, 5/19/05)

Sen. Jon Kyl

“All we seek is a return to 214 years of tradition in allowing presidential nominees the courtesy of an up-or-down vote.” (Kyl Calls for `Up or Down’ Vote on Judicial Nominees,’ Capitol Hill Press Releases, 5/18/05)

Sen. Rick Santorum

“The time has come for the Senate to reestablish that tradition, to end these destructive judicial filibusters and to give all judicial nominees the up-or-down vote they deserve.” (Should the Senate end Filibusters When Considering Judicial Appointments, Duluth News Tribune, 4/25/05)

Sen. Trent Lott

“…I felt they deserved up-or-down votes. It was not a popular action with my colleagues, but I didn’t think it was right to filibuster judicial nominees then. And it’s not right now.” (Lott Sets the Record Straight on Judicial Confirmation Issue, 4/26/05)

Sen. John Cornyn

“And we need to get a fresh start. And that means, I believe, an up-or-down vote for all presidents’ nominees whether they be Republican or Democrat.” (U.S. Senator John Cornyn Holds a News Conference on Judicial Nominees, CQ Transcriptions, 5/9/05)

Sen. Mitch McConnell

“Let’s get back to the way the Senate operated for over 200 years, up or down votes on the president’s nominee, no matter who the president is, no matter who’s in control of the Senate. That’s the way we need to operate.” (Senators Durbin & McConnell Discuss Issues Facing the Senate, CNN, 5/22/05)

Sen. Jeff Sessions

“This past election in large part hinged, as George Allen said, on a debate over the judiciary and whether or not obstruction was justified. I think the American people sent a clear message and I believe it’s time for this Senate to make sure that judges get an up-or-down vote.” (U.S. Sen. Allen & Other Senate Republicans Hold a Media Availability on the Possibility of a Democrat Filibuster, CQ Transcriptions, 3/15/05)

Sen. Richard Burr

“But denying these patriotic Americans, of both parties, who seek to serve this country an up-or-down vote is simply not fair, and it certainly was not the intention of our Founding Fathers when they designed and created this very institution.” (Sen. Burr Speaks Out on Judicial Nominations, 4/20/05)

Sen. Sam Brownback

“All of the president’s nominees-both now and in the future-deserve a fair up or down vote, regardless of whether some members of the Senate feel they can be filibustered based on whatever they define to be extraordinary circumstances.” (Sen. Brownback Issues Statement on Judicial Nominees, 5/24/05)

Sen. John Thune

“However, I still believe that all judicial nominees with majority support deserve the fairness of an up or down vote on the Senate floor… Something is broken when you can’t get a fair up or down vote, not because of qualifications or character, but because of politics.” (Senators Find Good in Filibuster Agreement, AP, 5/24/05)

Sen. George Allen

“They want Senators to do their jobs and hold a straight up-or-down vote on nominees based on their qualifications, not the baseless negative rhetoric of the left…In summation, Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown, and all of the President’s nominees, deserve a fair up-or-down vote.” (U.S. Senator George Allen Deliver Remarks on the Senate Floor on Judicial Nominations, CQ Transcriptions, 5/18/05)

Sen. Chuck Hagel

“I am disappointed that the agreement reached by 14 senators does not guarantee up-or-down votes on all of the president’s nominees…That is a basic principle that should have anchored any agreement.” (Hagel Calls Senators’ Pact Inadequate, Omaha World-Herald, 5/25/05)

Sen. Pete Domenici

“Since the day I came to the U.S. Senate in 1973, I have believed strongly that every nominee deserves an up or down vote. That is why over all these years, I have never once voted to filibuster any nominee, even the ones that I ended up opposing. I am truly saddened that the Senate has reached this point. We should resume our long-standing tradition of giving judicial nominees who reach the floor an up or down vote.” (Sen. Domenici Laments Continued Judicial Filibusters, 5/19/05)

Sen. Charles Grassley

“The current obstruction led by Senate Democratic leaders threatens that balance. Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown deserve an up or down vote. It’s high time to make sure all judges receive a fair up or down vote on the Senate floor.” (Grassley: Give Judges a Fair Up or Down Vote, CQ, 5/23/05)

Sen. Wayne Allard

“I’d made my position clear. I wanted to have an up- or-down vote on the judges.” (Freshman Salazar Stands with his Seniors, The Denver Post, 5/24/05)

Sens. Larry Craig and Mike Crapo

“We are pleased that three of the President’s judicial nominees will receive fair up-or-down votes – it is about time. However, we continue to stress that the Constitution requires the Senate to hold up-or-down votes on all nominees. We will continue to work to ensure that is the case.” (Craig, Crapo React to Judicial Nominees Deal, 5/25/05)

Sen. Ted Stevens

“I may not have always agreed with a judicial nominee pick, but I’ve never voted against cloture on a judicial nomination. There have been some petitions. And I’ve always agreed that we should allow an up-or-down vote on judicial nominations on the Senate floor. These nominees deserve our vote.” (Press Conference on Judges, Federal News Service, 5/19/05)

Sen. Jim DeMint

“My goal is to confirm highly qualified judges by ensuring timely up-or-down votes for all nominees… Every nominee, no matter if the President is Democrat or Republican, deserves an up-or-down vote,” (Sens. DeMint, Freshman GOP Call for end to Judicial Filibusters, 4/20/05)

Sen. Elizabeth Dole

“I think that it’s very important that we reinstate the tradition, the Senate tradition, of 220 years, throughout the entire history of the United States. We’ve had a system that worked, that, when a nominee on the floor has a clear majority of the senators in favor, that they’re going to get that up-or-down vote.” (Interview with Senator Elizabeth Dole, The Big Story with John Gibson, 4/21/05)

(h/t Daily Kos)

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Raking it in

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Oct 272005

Exxon Mobil posts record U.S. profit

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Exxon Mobil Corp. on Thursday posted a quarterly profit of $9.9 billion, the largest in U.S. corporate history, as it raked in a bonanza from record oil and gas prices.

ConocoPhillips 3Q Profit Soars 89 Percent

HOUSTON – ConocoPhillips, the nation’s third-largest integrated oil and gas company, said Wednesday its third-quarter profit surged 89 percent, reflecting strong prices for crude oil and natural gas.

Shell beats forecasts with record profit

LONDON (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell Plc reported a record third-quarter profit on Thursday, beating analysts’ forecasts as surging oil prices outweighed losses from hurricanes which stalled production in the Gulf of Mexico.