Sajak says…

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Mar 312005

If you have ever wondered where “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak stands on the issues of the day, wonder no more.

I believe I’ll use my free spin now, Pat.

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Pharmacists’ Rights

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Mar 282005

From The Washington Post

Pharmacists’ Rights at Front Of New Debate

Some pharmacists across the country are refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control and morning-after pills, saying that dispensing the medications violates their personal moral or religious beliefs.

The trend has opened a new front in the nation’s battle over reproductive rights, sparking an intense debate over the competing rights of pharmacists to refuse to participate in something they consider repugnant and a woman’s right to get medications her doctor has prescribed. It has also triggered pitched political battles in statehouses across the nation as politicians seek to pass laws either to protect pharmacists from being penalized — or force them to carry out their duties.

As I see it: If you find yourself unable or unwilling to fulfill the duties of your chosen profession, it is time to seek out a new profession. Why would you select a profession where the duties of that profession violate your “personal moral or religious beliefs” anyway?

Either do what you are being paid to do or find yourself a new job.

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The God Racket

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Mar 272005

Frank Rich’s column in today’s Times is a must-read:

The God Racket, From DeMille to DeLay

American moguls, snake-oil salesmen and politicians looking to score riches or power will stop at little if they feel it is in their interests to exploit God to achieve those ends.

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Reason, losing it

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Mar 242005

Surfing a bit just now before retiring a bit early. Long week. Very tired.

Happened upon something rare… a voice of reason from the right. Followed his link to this. I do not know who Kevin McCullough is. As far as I can recall, I have never heard of him. That’s okay, as I doubt he’s ever heard of me either. His website indicates he’s a big deal, though… “Radio Talk Show Host, Syndicated Columnist, and past recipient of the Tesla and Marconi Awards.”

Big deal or no, he’s lost it.

A fellow going by the name of Steve Sailer wrote the saddest, most sadistic, hateful thing I think I have ever read. Given some of what I have read these past few years, that is going some…

So, to summarize, millions of Blue State Baby Boomers are in line to inherit a bundle … but not if Mom or Dad lives forever or, especially, if his or her slowly declining health requires a fortune in expensive care. A nice quick fatal heart attack would do the trick, but with Lipitor and the like these days, oldsters are going slower.

So, when you wonder why a lot of people, especially Democrats, are okay with starving Terri Schiavo to death instead of having her kept expensively alive, follow the money.

For whatever it may be worth, Steve, I’ll not be inheriting one thin dime. Asshole.

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Mar 222005

In the wake of the sad case of Terri Schiavo, which thankfully appears to be reaching an end, a reader of Political Wire draws our attention to these interesting items:

  1. From the 2000 Republican Platform:

    “Medical decision-making should be in the hands of physicians and their patients.”

  2. From the 2004 Republican Platform:

    “We must attack the root causes of high health care costs by… putting patients and doctors in charge of medical decisions.”

Damn hypocrites.


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Living Will

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Mar 222005

Be sure you have one!


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Mighty big “if”

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Mar 192005

ABC News answers the question “How Will Terri Schiavo Die?

If she is allowed to die. I think that’s a mighty big if. The Republicans (who profess to believe in limited government but in reality believe that government, as long as they are the majority, should control every aspect of every life) are still working hard to find a way to deny her that dignity.

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