2004 in Review

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Jan 112005

Here’s a meme that I found via Neil – you copy the first sentence from the first post you made in each month last year and paste it here, to get an overview of what you were talking about over the year. Here?s mine:

January: WASHINGTON ? With more than $40 million now raised in his run for the White House, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean posted a resounding victory Wednesday in the yearlong dash for cash among Democratic presidential candidates, cementing his status as the contender to beat in the race.

February: Budgets, as the president said in his Saturday radio address, are a matter of priorities, of making hard choices. The president?s madcap tax-and-borrow policies have run up a staggering $500 billion deficit ? without creating the jobs needed to keep the economy going.

March: Senator John Kerry blazed to victories in Democratic primaries from New York to California today, according to early returns and surveys of voters leaving the polls, effectively capturing his party?s presidential nomination and setting up an eight-month general election battle between President Bush and Mr. Kerry, the senator from Massachusetts.

April: WASHINGTON (AP) ? President Bush?s credibility is the top issue in the presidential campaign, more important than jobs, the economy and health care, now that a former administration official says the president didn?t take the terrorism threat seriously enough before Sept. 11, 2001, one-time Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean said Wednesday.

May: ChevronTexaco, the second-biggest oil and gas company in the US, on Friday reported record first-quarter net income – $2.56bn, or $2.40 a share, up 33 per cent on the year.

June: It?s amazing what you?ll find sometimes if you click on those little Google ads that some websites are sporting these days.

July: The AARP supported the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill pushed through Congress by the Bush administration and the Republicans.

August: I keep hearing about ?swing voters? and ?battleground states.?

September: This is not good news, especially coming as it does right in the middle of the Republican National Revival Meeting?

October: Though I admire this young man?s enthusiasm and understand his reasoning, he may have carried things a bit to far?

November: Pass the word?

December: Seems there is this guy named Steve Gardner who lost his job and decided to blame his misfortune on John Kerry so he made up this story? well, you have to read it to believe it.

Quite a year — definitely not my favorite so far. What will make 2005 better? If the Democrats grow some balls and become a real opposition party. (Opposition = Obstructionist in righty speak.)

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