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Jan 062004

Federal judges uphold GOP-drawn congressional map for Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A three-judge federal panel Tuesday upheld a new congressional map for Texas that the Republicans pushed through the Legislature after months of turmoil and two walkouts by the Democrats.

The decision followed a December trial on the heated redistricting issue.

Democrats currently hold a 17-15 advantage in Texas’ congressional delegation, but the new map could give the GOP as many as seven new seats.

Democrats alleged that the map weakened minority voting strength in districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in South Texas.

In its ruling, the judges said Democrats “failed to prove” the plan violates the Constitution or the Voting Rights Act, which protects minority voters.

I hope that this ruling does not come as a surprise to anybody. It is the ruling that was expected all along.

It is now up to the states where Democrats hold a majority in legislatures to retaliate in kind. It is time to redistrict those states. It is time to release the strangle hold that the radical right wing of the Republican party holds on our country. It is time to restore democracy in the United States of America.

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