Three hour saga

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Oct 302002

The first day back at the office after three days off is always the worst, and today was certainly no exception. They expect me to be up to speed with everybody else and everything that is going on. What they forget is that I was not there on Monday and Tuesday, and haven’t a clue. What I am beginning to realize is that I don’t really care.

The big management meeting is every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00. Everybody is supposed to have all their reports ready to present. I arrive at the office about noon on Wednesday, after having been off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Everybody else has had two and a half days already to prepare for the meeting. I have three hours. You would think they would cut me a little slack, wouldn’t you? You would think wrong. I am expected to accomplish in three hours what everybody else has had two and a half days to accomplish.

Something ain’t right.

Okay, I’ll quit whining now. Thanks for listening, and letting me cry on your shoulder for a bit. It really helped. So, um, what do you think of the new colors?

Bigot Sprouts

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Oct 292002

The garage door opener is installed, and it actually works! Hoozah! (Hoozah? Where did that come from?)

Giorgio is at the vet getting the tests done he was supposed to have done last week but they couldn’t do because he refused to eat anything there so we had to get up early this morning and feed him and give him his medicine before the s/o dropped him off. (I am, contrary to what you may believe, not going for the world record run on sentence.) I have to go pick him up in about an hour.

I had every intention of going in to the office for a few hours today to catch up on some of my work. Really, I did. But it is such a beautiful day that I figured to hell with it. I just could not ruin such a beautiful day by going to that place. Besides, they destroy enough of my life as it is. I am going to enjoy my days off. I may even splurge later and go to KFC for their two for the price of one three piece dinner deals. Though I don’t know what I’ll do with the second meal. The s/o is at work and he doesn’t like fried chicken anyway. I imagine it will sit in the refrigerator until somebody gets around to throwing it away. It’s the principle involved…. two for the price of one!

In the news…

“The Chief Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts has given Eagle Scout Darrell Lambert about a week to decide “in his heart” if he’s truly an atheist. If he insists on sticking to his belief that there is no God, the Council will terminate his membership.” (link)

The Boy Scouts are really going too far with this one. Discrimination is supposed to be illegal in this country, yet here is an organization that (in theory at least) is molding the next generation of America’s leaders, and they can discriminate all they please. Perhaps it is time the Boy Scouts of America changed their name to something that would more truthfully reflect the nature of their organization. Perhaps the Bigot Sprouts of America?

Happy Halloween

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Oct 272002

I hope you are reading Dave Barry’s weekly column in the Miami Herald. It’s linked there to the right under “New Windows”. If you get nothing else here, I hope you’re getting that. This week he offers:

Tips for a happy, yet hellish, Halloween night

He also describes the computers we had while growing up. (He and I are of approximately the same age.)

“Back then, the entire Internet consisted of two slow, boxcar-sized UNIVAC computers about 50 feet apart, connected by a wire. It would take one of these computers an entire day to send an e-mail to the other one, which would immediately delete it, because it was a Viagra ad.”

Whatever you do Halloween night, be safe! I’ll be at work. My manager wants all her supervisors to dress in a “Men in Black” fashion. This means I must go shopping tomorrow for a pair of black pants. Would you believe I do not own a pair of black pants? I’ve never looked good in black. But I guess the point of Halloween is not to look good, huh?

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Wiped out

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Oct 272002

Today has been a do nothing kind of day. Original plans were to go vote, then go over to the s/o’s mother’s house in Fort Worth and help her fix up a few things. First, though, we had to watch the Cowboys football game (with pizza).

It was the football game that was our undoing. Or was it the pizza? Whichever, we never did make it over to Fort Worth. Somehow, I fell asleep after the game. The s/o didn’t want to wake me, so he went to vote without me. Then he came home and vegged out beside me.

The Cowboys lost, of course. They made a big deal out of Emmitt Smith breaking the all-time rushing record. I don’t understand why I like football. I realize it is just a bunch of overgrown millionaires who get their kicks out of beating the heck out of each other once a week. Still, it is fun to watch.

I’m feeling kind of wiped out. It could be the 12 hour days I’ve been putting in at work, or it could be the cold I am trying to come down with. Whatever it is, I don’t feel like doing anything. I hope this feeling passes soon.

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Further adventures

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Oct 232002

Just home from work. I brought Giorgio home from the vet then went on in. I was only three hours late. Doesn’t near make up for the time they owe me.

He has an abscess on his leg. The doctor says it is probably due to a spider bite, or Sunshine bit him while they were playing. She gave him a steroid shot to bring down the swelling and a penicillin shot to stave off infection. We have antibiotic pills to give him twice a day, and we also have to hold his leg under running warm water for a couple of minutes twice daily and then apply an ointment to it.

I know you all are just fascinated with all that is going on with Giorgio, but that’s what is on my mind. I am supposed to write about what’s on my mind, right?

What else? Oh, I am falling woefully behind with all my paperwork at the office. Those three hours I missed today didn’t help. It also doesn’t help to have people hounding me for reports constantly. One manager kept bugging me for a report this afternoon until I finally told him “You’ll get it when you get it, okay?” Of course I apologized for my outburst, but I still felt entirely justified in what I said. The guy is a royal pain in the butt.

Calling in late

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Oct 232002

I should be at the office right now, but I called and told them I would be coming in late. I have to take Giorgio back to the vet. We noticed this morning that he was favoring his right back leg. Upon closer inspection, we found a small sore on it that was bleeding a bit. With the diabetes and all, we thought it best not to take any chances. I called the vet, and she can see him about 2:00. She has surgery until then. So it’s off to the vet again.

I’m wondering if something happened while he was there yesterday.

Lost appetite

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Oct 222002

Giorgio went to the vet this morning. He was to stay all day, and the doctor was going to test him periodically throughout the day to determine the effects of his diet and medication. The doctor just called and said to come get him. She can’t get him to eat anything, so she hasn’t been able to test him.

Strange. He definitely has no problem eating at home. She says a lot of cats have this problem, though. They get in new and strange surroundings and get nervous and won’t eat. She is going to have us bump up his insulin dosage a bit, however, since she says he is still “symptomatic.”

Guess I’ll go get the boy and bring him home. Poor baby is probably starving.

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Ah, home ownership

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Oct 212002

Went to Home Depot today to buy a new garage door opener. When I got home from work Saturday night, the garage door would not open. The motor on the opener had burned out. Our garage is detached, and the double wide door is the only way into it. The s/o and I had a lot of fun yesterday prying the door open wide enough for him to crawl under it and get in the garage to disable the burned out opener. The least the thing could have done would have been to have the courtesy to burn out while the door was open.

The new opener has an “emergency key release”, which cost an extra $35, but at least we won’t be stuck not being able to get into the garage again.

Sometimes I think we need to write our own version of “This Old House.” First the water heater, now the garage door opener. Seems every time we turn around there is something that needs to be fixed. Yet every year, when the county appraises the house for taxation purposes, they say it is worth more. Who are they kidding? I doubt we could sell this place for as much as we paid for it. We have completely gutted and remodeled both the kitchen and the bathroom, repainted the entire inside, had a new driveway and sidewalks poured, replaced the fireplace chimney when it fell down, put in a new furnace, and fixed all the other big and little things that needed fixing.

I laugh every time I hear somebody talk about the joys of home ownership. Give me a nice apartment where it is somebody else’s responsibility to keep everything in working order!

Boy Of The Week

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Oct 202002

Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno is a teenage superstar, a Nike model, and a gold medal favorite in three speed skating events. He began skating on wheels at Pattison’s West Skating Center in Federal Way, Washington.