Don’t wanna know

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Sep 302002

It’s not that I don’t care, it’s more that I don’t want to know. So I removed the counter from this page. I care if nobody ever visits, I just don’t want to know.

That state fair is on, and something is wrong with the weather. It’s still getting up into the middle 90s. That is not state fair weather. We love the state fair. The s/o and I used to always take a week of vacation during the state fair so we could go to it every day for a week. That won’t be happening this year. The mean people I now work for won’t give me any vacation time until next year.

Time to finish getting dressed and go to hell…. er, I mean, work. Hope you have a good day.

It’s only four hours

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Sep 282002

The telephone rang. I answered it. Big mistake. It was the office calling. They asked me to come in this evening from 5 to 9. Seeing as how two supervisors have resigned in the past month, it seems they are somewhat understaffed.

I should have said “No, sorry, but this is my day off. This is my time. You are not paying me enough as it is, and I know that if I give you four hours of my day off I will never get anything in return. I will never get it back.”

Instead I said “Will you comp the time?” to the manager who called. He assured me that he would. I know it will never happen. I know I am going to give them an extra four hours for nothing. I can be such a pushover sometimes.

My only consolation is that there was nothing good on television, and the s/o is at work, so I basically would have been doing nothing anyway. But that is beside the point. I am going to make them give me these hours back. Really, I am.

Yeah, what he said

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Sep 272002

Ever play that game where you say something to a friend, and they tell another friend, and so on until about the sixth or seventh person is told what you said and what they say you said bears no resemblance whatsoever to what you actually said?

That’s the way it is where I work. I mentioned all the middle men a couple of entries ago and my desire to get rid of them. That is what I am going to do.

About a week ago, I sent a suggestion that would greatly improve one of our processes to my manager. It would cost very little to implement, and would save the company a bunch of money. He sent it on to his manager, who sent it on to the director, who sent it on to a vice president. Yesterday, I got an email from the vice president, thanking me for my suggestion but stating that it would be impossible to implement because it would cost millions of dollars to do so.

The suggestion he rejected bore very little resemblance to the suggestion I originally submitted.

From now on I am bypassing the middle men. To hell with the consequences.

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Tobacco bucks

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Sep 262002

Dave Barry has this whole war on tobacco thing figured out. What he writes makes more sense than anything I have read or heard thus far. It’s all about money. How to put more of it in the pockets of the politicians. Isn’t that true with just about anything these days?

I really miss that television show where what’s-his-name (you know, the guy from Night Court… what is his name?) played Dave Barry. I liked that show. Wonder who I can bribe to have it brought back? (yah, sure, like I could afford to bribe anybody.)

I am almost positive it would beat out John Ritter and his umpteen rules for dating his teenage daughter in the ratings.

I liked Night Court too, by the way.

Why can’t I remember his name?

Middle men

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Sep 252002

I report to a manager, who reports to another manager, who reports to a director, who reports to a vice president, who reports to the president. What’s with all these middle men? They do nothing all day but sit around and try to think of things to do and how to make the numbers on their reports look prettier. I say we cut out all the middle men and let me report straight to the president. Maybe then we could get something accomplished.

In other news, they have informed me that my hours are changing again. They just haven’t bothered with the little details like when my hours are changing. I’ll officially be working ten hour days, and officially have three days off per week. In reality, I’ll probably work 12 hour days and bring enough work home with me to keep me busy on my days off.

The employee reviews were handed back to me for more revisions. This makes three times now that I have written the frickin’ things. I brought them home with me tonight and just finished them a few minutes ago. I absolutely refuse to write them again. Let one of the middle men do it. Heaven knows they’ve got nothing else to do.

Sweet Surrender

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Sep 242002

I realize it is only 11:00 p.m. and I just got home from work about an hour ago, but I am seriously thinking about going to bed. I brought a pounding headache home with me and I am extremely tired. So I think I will just give in to it all and call an end to the day.

Today’s tough questions:
1) When shall we start dropping the bombs on Iraq?
2) Which is more powerful, love or money?
3) Do these socks match?

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Sep 232002

I just received an email from my web host. Seems they just had a birthday, too. To celebrate, they gave me a present. They increased my storage space from 100 MB to 150 MB, and my bandwidth per month from 7 GB to 20 GB!

There is no way I am ever going to use all of that. You all are going to have to start visiting a lot more often than you do now!

Sure is nice out tonight. We’ve got every window in the place open. Oh, and we’ve got a new water heater. Hot shower in the morning. Yeah!!

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Cold showers

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Sep 232002

Fall has arrived, and with it the usual plethora of fall problems. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fall. It is my favorite time of year. It doesn’t like me, though.

We woke up this morning to a broken water heater and no hot water. The s/o, because he has worked for the same company since the dawn of time, was able to call and get the day off. I, however, was stuck taking a cold shower. Cold showers are not fun. We’ll just say I did not dawdle in the shower and leave it at that.

The state fair starts next week, which means it is time for my annual cold. I always get a horrific cold about the time the state fair starts. I have already starting gearing up by taking a few extra doses of vitamin C every morning. I know it’s coming, so I may as well do what I can to prepare.

I know I complain (would bitch be too strong a word?) a lot about my job here, but I don’t do it while I’m there. While I am at work, I try to make the best of all the bad situations. I wish others would do the same. I am so, so tired of going to work every day and dealing with attitudes. I really want to just tell them all to go tell it to somebody who may care, but I’m too nice for that, so I listen and sympathize. It is bad, though. These kids really do have a lot to complain about. A lot of them are young and talented, so I really have to wonder why they don’t just give it up and go find a job they’ll enjoy.

Or maybe they just all need a cold shower. (Hey, Nick! I stayed on topic!!)

I’m just an old fart, so I consider myself lucky to have found somebody who will give me a paycheck.

The plumber is on his way to fix or replace our water heater. Wish he could have gotten here earlier. I’m still shivering.

Plain stupidity

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Sep 222002

Now some fat teens are getting in on the action and suing McDonald’s for making them fat.

I know that McDonald’s serves crap for food, and there is no way what they serve can be good for you, but I have yet to be in a McDonald’s (or any fast food “restaurant”) where the patrons were chained to their chairs and force-fed cheeseburgers, fries and milk shakes.

It’s about time people in this country started taking responsibility for their own actions. You smoke, you get cancer. That is not the fault of the tobacco companies. It was your choice to smoke. You survive on a diet of fast food, you get fat. Again, your choice. Give it up already.

This is just another stupid lawsuit brought by a bunch of lawyers who are too stupid and too lazy to make a living any other way.

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