Saturday Scruples

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Aug 312002

Saturday Scruples

1. The couple in the next apartment is brawling. Later, you speak to the woman who has minor bruises. She asks you not to call the police. Do you call them?
No, because it wouldn’t do any good. The woman would just claim she fell down or something. It is up to her to get herself out of this situation.

2. A member of the school board is convicted of shoplifting. She is a competent official. As a parent, do you support demands for her resignation?
I believe I would. You really need honest people in positions like this, though I will admit that very few honest people are currently in positions like this.

3. You’re shaken up in an auto accident. Your lawyer can get a large settlement if you exaggerate your aches and pains. Do you?
No, but I would find a new lawyer. I would also report this lawyer to the bar association (for whatever good it would do). We are all paying for these frivolous lawsuits, and they happen every day. This is why our insurance premiums are now through the roof.

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Still a virgin

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Aug 312002

If being a virgin means you have never had sex with a member of the opposite sex, then I guess I am still a virgin.

I never officially “came out.” The subject just never came up.

I dated girls through high school, but nothing ever happened other than the obligatory good night kiss. There were never any heavy make out sessions.

I was even engaged to be married for a short while in college. She was the first runner-up to Miss Idaho. Sex never happened, though. Last I heard, she was married to a fellow who owns his own bowling alley.

My first sexual experience did not happen until after college and I had my first job. It was in San Francisco. It was with a man. My hormones were late bloomers, I guess.

I think my parents know/knew that I am gay. If your son lived with the same man for nearly 27 years, you’d figure it out, wouldn’t you? My mother stopped asking when I was going to get married after the s/o and I had lived together for about 10 years, though she will still sometimes joke about the grandkids she has running around somewhere that she does know about. (Talk about your immaculate conception!)

She calls and talks to him on the telephone sometimes when I am not around. I do not know what they talk about. I don’t ask.

I don’t hide my lifestyle, but neither do I flaunt it. If anybody asks, I tell them. Not many people ask any more.

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Free pizza

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Aug 302002

We got a free pizza for dinner tonight.

At 6:40 p.m. I called the pizza place and ordered a pizza for dinner. I told them I would pick it up. They said it would be ready in 20 minutes.

I arrived at the pizza place at the appointed time. The young man at the counter took my money and went to get my pizza. He came back a few seconds later to tell me it wasn’t quite ready. He said it would be a few more minutes.

I sat down on the wooden bench in what passes for a lobby in the pizza place. I waited ten minutes. I went up to the counter to ask the young man about how much longer I would have to wait for my pizza. He said he would check. He came back a few seconds later to tell me that they hadn’t yet started on my pizza and it would be about 20 minutes. He apologized, said the pizza would be free and gave me my money back.

Twenty minutes later, I walked out with my free pizza.

Who says America isn’t the greatest country on the face of the earth? God bless Pizza Hut.

On people

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Aug 292002

As a general rule, I do not like people. Most people. There are some I like, but not many. This is what makes what I do for a living so amazing. I have to interact with lots of people every day. I find them annoying and, for the most part, quite ignorant. The people I dislike most are the demanding people, the people who think the world owes them something. News flash, folks… the world owes you nothing, and I owe you even less. So get off my freaking back before I bite you.

I spent about an hour on the telephone tonight with a fellow from the New York area. He was arrogant, stupid and ignorant. He has a lot of money. He thought his money should buy my respect. It didn’t. The fact that he could buy and sell me many times over had no affect on me whatsoever. He was still arrogant, stupid and ignorant. I forgot annoying. Very, very annoying.

I think I would very happy living in a cabin up in the mountains somewhere, with my closest neighbor about ten miles away. All these years of having to deal with people has really turned me off to them. My patience is growing very thin and my tolerance level is practically nonexistent.

Polite, mannered, intelligent people I like. The problem is, there does not seem to be very many of that kind of people left. Where did they all disappear to?

Nick’s template

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Aug 262002

I want to use Nick’s template, but with my own colors. Yes, he’s giving it away. So talented, yet so giving of himself. It’s amazing. I just have to find the time to set it all up. Time I do not have right now, because I am going to be late for work. You know, the work I hate. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Heaven knows I’ve told you often enough.

Gotta go!


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Aug 252002

I have been neglecting you. I’m sorry. I’ve been a bit depressed lately, and I wasn’t sure you’d want to hear about it. Or care. (Why should you?)

It’s the job. I have enjoyed to the max the past two days away from it, but I have to go back to it in the morning. The very thought depresses me. I need to win the lottery, but that will never happen. I need to find a job that I will enjoy, that will give me a sense of fulfillment, that I can look forward to each day. I am beginning to realize that that will never happen, either.

Summer needs to end. This heat needs to end.

There has to be a purpose to my life. I hope I find it soon. I don’t have a lot of years left.

Sorry to be so down, but this is my journal and I’ll cry if I want to.

They might quit

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Aug 202002

My assigned hours at the office have changed. Starting tomorrow, I will no longer be working from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. My new hours will be 12 noon to 9 p.m. The reasoning behind this change? It seems that upper management has finally realized that there are not enough people working in the evenings to answer all the inbound telephone calls. If I am there later, I can help answer some of these calls.

Okay, here is the problem I have with this. I was hired to supervise the people who answer the calls. I was not hired to answer the calls.

There are too many people working during the daytime hours. They often sit around with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs and complain. Why not move some of these people to the evening hours? Because they might quit.

So? Let them.

How about making them work some mandatory overtime hours in the evening? No, they might quit.

Again, let them. As it stands, they are just extra weight anyway.

Upper management at this company has no balls whatsoever. They are completely in fear of their non-management employees.

Well, guess what? I might quit. I am now seriously in the market for new employment. Wish me luck.

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Aug 192002

I just realized that I wrote nothing in here yesterday, so I’ll also write nothing tonight, other than to report that I spent 11 hours at the office yesterday and 10 hours today. I am very tired. I do not have the energy to even think, let alone write.

I so need to find another job.

Mark your location on the guestmap, please. Nick seems to think he’s a little alien dude in Canada. Go Nick!

Dinner was great!

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Aug 172002

I went out to dinner tonight with some friends. It felt good to get out. When I got home a few minutes ago, I found a message on my answering machine.

“Please call the office ASAP.” They even sent a message to my pager. Twice.

When I signed on with this company, nothing was said about being on call on my days off. They are not paying me enough for that. It’s a bit after 10 p.m. now. I’m not going to call. I’ll find out in the morning what they wanted, though I already know. The supervisor on duty tonight probably called in sick (again), and they were looking for somebody to cover.

If they want to fire me for not calling back, so be it. I’d rather be working for a company that has its act together, anyway. This one sure doesn’t.

Oh… dinner was great!

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