Baby J

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Jun 302002

Here’s the newest member of the family, my baby brother’s kid, born June 27, 2002.

He’s going home from the hospital today.

Taking a walk

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Jun 302002

So Dick Cheney was President of the United States yesterday. So how was yesterday any different than any other day?

What did Dubya do right after having his colon probed? He went out for a four and a half mile walk! Guess he had to prove that he is still the macho Texas man. I’ve had one of those colonoscopy things, and believe me, I did not go out for a four and a half mile walk right afterward. First, you can’t eat anything for like two days before. Second, they make you drink a gallon of awful tasting stuff the day before. This awful tasting stuff cleans you out good, if you know what I mean. There is nothing left inside you. Nothing.

So first thing I did when it was over and I finally got home was eat a sandwich. I was hungry. Then I took a nap. I sure didn’t go out for a stroll with a bunch of Secret Service agents. I’m guessing this is why Dubya is the pResident, and I am not.

Saturday Scruples

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Jun 292002

Saturday Scruples

I’m not posting my answers to this week’s questions, mainly because I am just too bloody tired to think. Here are the questions. You have a crack at them!

1. A land settlement gives First nation people thousands of square miles and millions of dollars. Someone has a petition opposing any giveaway. Do you sign it?

2. At the beginning of a job interview the owner remarks: “You’re the first white face I’ve seen all day.” Later when you’re offered the job, do you take it?

3. You find a crisp $20 folded on the floor of a small store. Two other customers are in the store. Do you pocket the bill?

I’m going to bed! Goodnight.

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President Cheney?

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Jun 282002

WASHINGTON — President Bush must be sedated in order to undergo a colonoscopy Saturday, so he will briefly hand over the powers of the presidency to Vice President Dick Cheney, he said.

So it’ll be President Cheney for a few hours. Isn’t this the man who has about five heart attacks per day? Makes you think.

Go to the link and look at that picture. Is Dubya not looking a bit worn around the edges? I’m wondering if maybe they put in a picture of his father by mistake.

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Uncle Me

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Jun 282002

Well, it’s Friday evening, and I should be getting ready for the weekend, but I have to work tomorrow. I’ve already put in over 40 hours this week. I guess they just can’t get enough of me. (Yeah, sure.)

I do get to relax a bit Sunday and Monday, though. I’ll be working on July 4th while everybody else is out partying and watching fireworks. I shouldn’t complain, though. After all those months of unemployment it is good to have a paycheck again. I got my first paycheck today. Yes!!

I’m an uncle again. My youngest brother and his wife had a little boy yesterday afternoon. He is little, too. Five pounds and a few ounces (I forgot how many ounces). He was a couple of weeks premature, so they’re keeping him in baby intensive care for a couple of days, but he’s healthy and the doctor says there is nothing to worry about.

That’s about it. It’s been a pretty long week, and it isn’t over yet. One more day. See ya later.

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Who woulda thunk?

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Jun 272002

pResident Bush has (quietly) signed a bill which allows the gay partners of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty to collect the $250,000 federal death benefit. (link)

Who woulda thunk?

Oh… and I upgraded to Movable Type 2.2. It’s working okay, I believe. It has a few features I am not using right now. Perhaps later, when I get more time to play around with it.


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Jun 272002

How about those dudes out in California declaring the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional? “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I think the ruling will make it to the Supreme Court, where it will be overturned. The SC is too much under the thumbs of the right wingers to let something like this stand for very long.

Off to work. Gotta earn my nickel for the day.

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Snow job?

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Jun 262002

I complete training at my new job on Friday. That is, training to do the job done by the people who will be reporting to me. From here, it gets funny. My manager goes on vacation starting Monday and will not return until July 9. He wants me to do the job of the people who will be reporting to me until he returns. At that time, I will start performing “a major role within the corporation” (his words). Wait, it gets better. He has asked me to work this Saturday, since the end of the month is always busy. That will be six days of work this week, and, since I am salaried employee, it is not overtime. Basically, I’ll work for free (no comp time is given). He will let me have Sunday and Monday off, then back to the same work Tuesday through Saturday of next week. What will come after that remains a mystery.

Am I being handed a snow job here?

Would I maybe like a little cheese with this whine?

Hottt pizza boys

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Jun 252002

I had a little chat with my 14 year old niece tonight. She and her dad just returned from a trip to Edmonton. When I asked her about the trip, all she had to say was “There were some hot boys, especially the pizza boy. The pizza boy was hottt!” That is actually how she spelled it… hottt.

She has been noticing boys for a while now.

Her father and I have both issued strict instructions: no dating until she is at least 25 years old.

I don’t think she’s listening to us. Pizza boys of the world, look out!

Super stressed

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Jun 242002

I feel super stressed right now. I feel like I’m jumping into a deep black hole with this new job. It’s like they are keeping secrets from me. I still don’t know what my hours are going to be, and nobody has clearly defined for me what my responsibilities will be. I have asked, and I’ve been put off several times.

I have been assigned a presentation for this week’s management meeting. It is supposed to be on interpersonal relationships. I really feel like laying it all right out there on the line and letting them know that when it comes to interpersonal relationships, they stink. Maybe that is what they want to hear. I know it’s what they need to hear.

I came home this evening to a message on my answering machine. It was a recruiter from another company wanting to set up an interview. I feel like calling him back.