Dropped the ball

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Dec 312002

They have dropped the ball in NYC, so I suppose the new year has begun. It is not yet quite midnight here, but that does not matter. They have dropped the ball in NYC, and Dick Clark has pronounced the birth of 2003, so it must be here.

Here’s hoping a new year brings new and marvelous things for all of us. This past year, I shed more tears than I think I had in my entire life previous. I learned a lot of things about myself and about others. There were some rough times, and there were some good times.

So here’s to another year, and here’s to you, and here’s to me. It can only get better.

New Year

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Dec 312002

I have never understood the fuss many people make over New Years. It really is nothing more than the day we begin repeating the months. There are 12 months and we have now used them all, so we shall start over with the first one. We are, after all, intelligent beings, and we must put a name to everything. Even our days.

Will you feel any different when you wake up tomorrow morning than you did this morning? Will your circumstances have changed? Will you be richer? Poorer? Smarter? Better looking? (Will the person in your bed with you look as good as he/she did last night at the bar?)

If there were a Scrooge for New Years, I would be him. This is one holiday I have never understood.

Many people use it as an excuse to go out and get snockered off their asses. If you are one of those, remember to call a cab or have a designated driver. Be safe, and live another year.

May your resolutions make it past the first week. Happy New Year.

Soul Forfeiture

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Dec 302002

Most of my writing in here seems to be done on days I do not have to work. I have surmised that is because I feel alive on those days. Those are days during which I do not have to forfeit my soul to the incompetents for whom I work.

I went to sleep at 7:00 this morning. Why I went to sleep at such a late (early?) hour is really none of your business. The only reason I bring it up is because I was awakened by the telephone at 8:40. It was the office calling. They had a question about my payroll. That was all done and turned in before I left on Saturday. If they had bothered to actually look at what I had turned in, their question would have been answered and I would now be functioning on more than 100 minutes of sleep.

In exchange for being off on Christmas Day, I now must work tomorrow, New Year’s Eve. I am now wishing that I had gone ahead and worked on Christmas Day because had I done that I would not now be dreading tomorrow. Payback is hell.

My blogroll is growing, and this is presenting me with a bit of a problem. The sidebar on the left is growing longer than the sidebar on the right. I could move some stuff over to the right, but an easier solution would be for you people to stop writing all that stuff that I so enjoy reading. See what you can do about that, would you? Thanks.

I am now going to go watch Spiderman on my new DVD player.

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Dec 302002

We have now been together for 27 years.

I believe that, statistically speaking, is longer than most heterosexual marriages last.

27 years with one man. What am I, nuts?!

(I am going to stalk and do serious damage to the first person who says “I have not even been alive that long!”)

Boy of Week #52

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Dec 302002

British actor Orlando Bloom,

perhaps best known for his role as

the elf Legolas Greenleaf in The Lord of the Rings.

Laugh if you will

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Dec 282002

Terreus writes:

The funniest thing that happened! We were watching some films around my brothers and my mother asked if she needed to re-wind the DVD before she took it out of the player.

I didn’t know whether to laugh when I read that or not. Because, you see, the first thing I asked the s/o after we watched our first movie on my new DVD player was “How do I rewind it?”

You live and you learn, I guess.

Another one gone

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Dec 262002

It’s pushing midnight, so I do not know if this will have today’s date (the 25th) or tomorrow’s date (the 26th) on it. At any rate, another Christmas has passed. I hope it was everything you wanted it to be.

We slept in until almost noon, and by the time we got up and about and on our way, it was almost 3:00 p.m. before we made it to Fort Worth. The s/o’s mom was a bit upset with us for being so late, but she still put out a great meal. Got home about 7:30 p.m., built a fire in the fireplace and put Lord of the Rings in the DVD player. Now I really want to see the second installment. Can I really wait a year until it comes out on DVD?

My links have been blogrolled. If you want me to blogroll you, let me know.

Back to work tomorrow. Just the thought of it makes me feel ill, so I’ll not think about it. This little vacation has really been nice. I think it saved my life. All good things must end.

O Holy Night

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Dec 252002

We just finished watching Ice Age on my new DVD player. Do I know my man or what? Now it’s off to bed, then over to Fort Worth for an early dinner with his mother, then home to watch Lord of the Rings (on my new DVD player).

He got a leather jacket and a K’nex Screaming Roller Coaster. About that second thing, don’t ask. I’m wondering if he’s going to be able to put it together, though. The box says it is for ages 10 and over.

Merry Christmas (or whatever you’re celebrating), and good night.

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It’s cold out there

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Dec 242002

The temperature outside is 34 degrees. It is cloudy and windy. I am going to go out and wash my car. I think I have completely lost my mind.

Thing is the car is really dirty, and I want a clean car for the drive over to Fort Worth tomorrow.

I would really like to move my links over to blogrolling.com, however

Signups are currently offline.

It has been this way for a while now, and whoever runs the place does not seem to be in any hurry to fix it. I guess he figures that everybody who needs to be there is already there.